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BPM, POS, CMS… Acronyms causing confusion

By Linda Forrest

Working in the technology realm as we do, it is inevitable that we encounter many, many acronyms in our daily work. A quick scan of the blogosphere reveals that it’s a hot topic amongst technology marketers like Chris Hoskin and analysts alike.

There are so many acronyms in play and unfortunately a lot of them overlap. When you see CMS, do you think it means content management system, or contact management system, or code management system, or client music synthesis, or…

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What’s in a name?

By Danny Sullivan

Just a quick addition to my comments from yesterday about the host of Asian companies at ECOC this year.

I’m firmly of the belief that the names of companies and products have little bearing on their ultimate success or failure, but it’s still interesting to observe some of the curious names selected by companies that are intending to crack Western markets.

Liverage Technology, Gloriole Electroptic Technology and Shenzehn Opticking Tech were a few of the signs that caught my eye.

Reality sets in at ECOC

By Danny Sullivan

So my first impressions from ECOC yesterday were slightly tempered after spending today walking the floor and talking to the exhibitors.

The “sold out” line I used yesterday was addressed by more than a few people I spoke to, and has apparently been a bit contrived by limiting the space available to exhibitors. And when I said it seemed “busy,” several exhibitors told me they felt that booth traffic has been pretty quiet so far.

Nonetheless, the quality of traffic was something that was universally praised. Lots of good meetings seem to have been held, and some encouraging prospects had emerged for a lot of the U.K. and Canadian companies I spoke to.

An industry insider told me it was encouraging to see some spending in the telecoms sector again, especially in Europe where a number of build-outs are planned. The access market was pinpointed as the area with the best prospects in the current climate.

As a veteran of the Scottish optoelectronics sector told me, “The market is recovering, but slowly.” And long may it continue.

First impressions at ECOC

By Danny Sullivan

Arriving late in Berlin, I only had an hour or so to walk the exhibition floor on the opening day of the European Conference on Optical Communication. Looks like a busy show this year… the exhibition is sold out, and it’s easy to see where a lot of new exhibitors are coming from: Asia.

Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese and Korean companies are everywhere at this event. I must have spotted at least 60 booths with companies from the Far East… That’s about 20 percent of all exhibitors at this predominantly European event. Interesting.

More from me throughout the show.

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