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August roundup: What does it take to get technology to market?

Thank you for being with us for the seventh month of our new blog. In case you missed any, here is a recap of our posts from August, beginning with, in chronological order, the latest installments in our series, The Commercialization Ecosystem.

August 2: Getting university IP to market: How Canada falls short by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

August 4: Is your invention novel enough to warrant a patent? by David French

August 10: Getting university IP to market: Who needs to step up? by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

August 15: Getting university IP to market: Levering youthful ambition by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

August 22: 30 considerations for getting tech to market: Part 1 by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

August 29: 30 considerations for getting tech to market: Part 2 by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

August 31: File early, file often to accommodate changes in U.S. patent law by David French

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Social media automation: It’s all about striking the balance

By Alexandra Reid

I’ll come out honestly and say that I’ve been using automation software for a long time now. Social media purists, go ahead and hiss at me if you will. I only ask that you hear me out.

For the last year or so, I’ve used automation software to schedule posts for this blog and tweets for Twitter. Just last week, I went a bit farther and purchased an automation tool to help me grow Twitter communities. And you know what? I don’t feel the slightest bit guilty about it. As a social media enthusiast and community manager for multiple accounts, I find it a necessary time saver.

Let me be quick to say that I do not use automation software for everything. In fact, I only use it for those menial, repetitive tasks like hitting the “post” and “follow” buttons. All the important work, including crafting messages and direct messages, engaging with others, searching for quality articles to share and locating those key industry influencers is done manually by me. In no way does the automation software deplete the quality of my accounts. It’s because of the automation software that I have time to engage with good people, which, while essential and the most fun, is often the most time consuming part of social media.

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  • Phil : I agree, but I think that the author missed one of the elephants in that room.. Those SR&ED claims are substantiated by technical people, but they are verified not by engineers, but to a large degree by.. BUREAUCRATS, indifferent officials. If an engineer/researcher want's to make a 'paper claim' and get back real money, it is not only very difficult for an official to check whether this claim is real expense on a real reasearch risk or just a legal loop-hole to cut the taxes, but it's also not quite motivating for that official to do so - he is not a professional in that field, so for him the main thing is that the field form looks like it is supposed to look. So the system can just produce lots of houses of cards on the one hand, and to breed the culture of fictitious engineering and research on the other hand. So the whole story is not only about marketers but also about those very technical people who make and spruce up those claims.

  • Social Media Best Practices for Brands: 6 Keys to Getting Started - LaunchSquad : [...] to the strategy. If you’re working with a client, consider how to incorporate both of your goals and expectations for checking in on progress and reporting results. Maybe you both envision serious collaboration. [...]

  • Is it important to patent an App idea before start making the App? - Quora : [...] company.You'll find many useful resources but this is something I bookmarked a short while ago http://francis-moran.com/marketi...Embed QuoteWritten 3m ago. 1 view.Upvote0DownvoteComment Loading... More Answers Below. Related [...]

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