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October roundup: What does it take to bring technology to market?

By Alexandra Reid

As usual, we covered a lot of ground on our blog last month.

We explored why startups should focus on problems, not platforms, and why they shouldn’t outsource their core competencies. Francis explained why marketing involves much more than just creating a message and delivering that message with the tools of advertising and public relations. Mitch Joel supported that argument by stating that marketing is everything. Leo shared lots of great media relations advice, teaching us how to pitch to busy journalists without becoming a nuisance. Of course, these just scratch the surface of the topics we covered.

In case you missed any, here is a handy roundup of our posts last month, ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

October 16: Meet ..duo by Alexandra Reid

October 11: Montreal’s Notman House enters final funding stage by Francis Moran

October 10: Mitch Joel on why marketing is everything by Alexandra Reid

October 15: Social media gaffes: They can happen to anyone by Megan Totka

October 22: The plight of product managing myself by Peter Hanschke

October 24: ‘Put away the cozy image of the little old lady knitting a sweater for the grandkids’ by Alexandra Reid

October 9: Apple versus Samsung – Every patent owner’s dream by David French

October 2: Why I started learning code: a marketer’s perspective by Alexandra Reid

October 4: Marketing is about more than the colour of your new website by Francis Moran

October 23: Pitching to busy media figures in various media environments by Leo Valiquette

October 17: The thin line between being persistent and being a nuisance by Leo Valiquette

October 30: Make sure you’re barking up the right tree by Leo Valiquette

October 18: Canadian angel investors to gather in Halifax next week by Francis Moran

October 31: Pitch perfect: Startups should focus on problems, not platforms by Alexandra Reid

October 25: Communications planning: The principles by Caroline Kealey

October 3: Startups: Do not outsource your core competency by Leo Valiquette

October 29: The allure of building enterprise products by Jesse Rodgers

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Mitch Joel on why marketing is everything

By Alexandra Reid

In this podcast, originally created for IABC Ottawa’s The Voice, I explore the vast world of marketing with digital media and advertising rock star Mitch Joel. Mitch tells us that marketing is not dead but at a crossroads, and explains why businesses (both B2B and B2C) must shift to a “digital first posture” to create more powerful marketing engagements. From content marketing to advertising to more traditional marketing strategy, Mitch explains why marketing must move beyond the first “p” – promotion.

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Does anyone listen to podcasts anymore?

By Alexandra Reid

Mitch Joel sparked an interesting conversation recently on his blog when he argued that podcasts could make a comeback.

Joel runs the popular podcast Six pixels of separation and admitted that the podcast is a guilty pleasure for him to ask interesting people his burning questions. He also confessed that he had no data to back up his claim that podcasts could be on the rebound, but listed a handful of successful podcasts which are acting as indicators that consumers do in fact have an appetite for longer, in-depth and content-rich audio programming. These podcasts are:

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The best time to start a business

By Francis Moran

To hear many of the speakers at last week’s International Startup Festival in Montréal tell it, there has rarely been as good a time as the present to start a new business. “Now is awesome,” said technology industry watcher Chris Shipley. “Resources for startups are raining down.” Dave McLure of 500 Startups agreed; resources are cheap and plentiful, he said.

This is not to say that either of these speakers believed that launching a startup would be a walk in the park. The tension and worry associated with doing so means that “Tums become a snack food,” Shipley said, while McLure, in trademark fashion, opened his remarks by saying to anyone present who wanted to be an entrepreneur, “You fucking idiots.”

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Why we value blog comments, even if they’re not all constructive

By Alexandra Reid

Whether or not blog comments are valuable has been debated for a long time in the blogosphere, but recently it seems more people are standing even firmer on their chosen side of the debate.

In a recent article by GigaOm, blogger Mathew Ingram brought up the comment debate once again by calling attention to the ongoing battle between TechCrunch writer-turned-venture-capitalist MG Siegler and VC Fred Wilson. Siegler “doesn’t have comments on his blog and has written several posts defending his decision, saying they are 99-percent bile and a waste of his time,” writes Ingram. While Wilson says “Siegler is missing a lot by not allowing comments.”

Ingram goes on to list some of the prominent individuals who have decided to turn off blog comments for various reasons, including Matt Gemmell and Seth Godin.

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  • Phil : I agree, but I think that the author missed one of the elephants in that room.. Those SR&ED claims are substantiated by technical people, but they are verified not by engineers, but to a large degree by.. BUREAUCRATS, indifferent officials. If an engineer/researcher want's to make a 'paper claim' and get back real money, it is not only very difficult for an official to check whether this claim is real expense on a real reasearch risk or just a legal loop-hole to cut the taxes, but it's also not quite motivating for that official to do so - he is not a professional in that field, so for him the main thing is that the field form looks like it is supposed to look. So the system can just produce lots of houses of cards on the one hand, and to breed the culture of fictitious engineering and research on the other hand. So the whole story is not only about marketers but also about those very technical people who make and spruce up those claims.

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  • Is it important to patent an App idea before start making the App? - Quora : [...] company.You'll find many useful resources but this is something I bookmarked a short while ago http://francis-moran.com/marketi...Embed QuoteWritten 3m ago. 1 view.Upvote0DownvoteComment Loading... More Answers Below. Related [...]

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