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Product management: Give the user the best possible mobile experience

By Peter Hanschke

Welcome to the second post on my journey toward building a mobile app. In my last post, I talked about why I decided to write my own app. In a nutshell, I’ve never had the opportunity to product manage myself through the process of app development, so I thought this would be an interesting exercise. I don’t plan on revealing the nature of my app until the last post, so, until then, I’m charting the process along the way.

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Why RIM could and should bounce back: Mobile needs to innovate

By Jesse Rodgers

RIM has had a hard time since Apple’s iPhone came out. Apple did more than bring the world a touch screen and the app store. It took apart the carrier/phone model on which RIM was an absolute genius at building a strong company. Most people focus on feature for feature device comparison but in reality it is what happened behind the scenes that I think hurt RIM the most.

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Making waves in radio and television

This is the third article in a continuing monthly series chronicling the growth path of Screenreach Interactive, a startup based in Newcastle upon Tyne in England’s North East. Screenreach’s flagship product, Screach, is an interactive digital media platform that allows users to create real-time, two-way interactive experiences between a smart device (through the Screach app) and any content, on any screen or just within the mobile device itself. We invite your feedback.

By Francis Moran and Leo Valiquette

In our last post, we caught up with Screenreach Interactive founder and CEO Paul Rawlings on his way out the door to attend the Digital Signage Investor Conference in New York. We explored how the company has developed its target markets, including the digital signage, or “out of home advertising,” market.

It has been a busy month for the company since then as it continues to build market share in the digital signage, television and radio industries.

David Weinfeld, Screenreach’s chief strategy officer, is based in New York. He and Rawlings hit the tradeshow floor together to speak with experts in the digital signage industry to deepen their understanding of how best to serve this growing global market.

“The conference really gave us a chance to get into the shoes of the clients we wish to serve,” Weinfeld said. “As a result, we are making some exciting changes to the product that we think will make a significant difference in how useful and appealing it is to advertisers and digital signage operators.”

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Steve Jobs – Pitch Innovator

This is a guest post from investment coach Martin Soorjoo. We welcome your comments.

By Martin Soorjoo

During the course of writing a book on pitching, I reminded myself of the magical presentation skills of Steve Jobs. I watched his mesmerizing Macworld presentations from start to finish, and read and re-read the text of his insightful and inspirational 2005 Stanford commencement address.

It therefore came as a deep shock to me to find out that, within hours of sending the completed manuscript to my publishers, Jobs had passed away. Having watched his presentations so many times on video recently, he was, in my mind, very much alive.

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iPhone gets political

By Danny Sullivan

The Beeb reports today on an iPhone app designed by Barack Obama’s campaign team. What next?

This article proves again that Apple, for so long cemented in its position as the outright PR leader among technology companies, continues to generate waves of positive ink without even having to try.

If built on any other platform, this would have been just another article about an interesting mobile web app. The headline would have read “Obama targets cell phones to win support” or something similar. If it had been developed on Windows Mobile, do you think the article would credit Microsoft in any way?

Nope, of course not, but because the developers picked the iPhone to roll this out on, the article ends up with iPhone all over it. The casual reader might even think that Apple was behind it. Lovely!

But I’m just envious. It’s great when your PR is self-propagating - but for most of us, there’s a whole lot more work needed to get the ink!

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  • Jo Head : I share your disappointment with the Expo - it was barely reflective of the ambition of the organisers and not at all reflective of the excitement, passion and creativity that I have come to love. I thought I was going to the Expo and booked the conference in error - the biggest & best mistake I have ever made. I feel inspired to see how I can help to deliver the Expo objective and to open the gateway. I enquired as to the export process through the CCDI ( Cape Craft and Design Institute ) whose role it is to promote export - they asked me what I meant by process. Their database (when you can access it) is even more disappointing than the Expo. Is there an opportunity to collaborate?

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