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By Daylin Mantyka link

Friday is the day for our weekly content roundup. This week, we’ve read and shared a number of interesting pieces published in Fast Company, Techvibes, Forrester Research, SmartBlogs and Forbes.

First, we’ve got an article on content strategists, followed by a post on granting equity in a startup. Next, we’ve selected a piece on the rise of a new discipline, content distribution. Rounding out our selection is an article on monitoring your social media campaigns and a piece on how to get your new business off the ground.

Five must-know things about content strategists

Rusty Weston, a seasoned content strategist himself, knows the ins and outs of this evolving industry. In this thoughtful post, he shares his wisdom to current and future content strategists on how they can best serve the businesses they work with.

The ins and outs of granting equity to your tech startup all star team

As a partner at LaBarge Weinstein, James Smith has some top notch-insight into the startup equity game. Here, he talks about four smart ways you can sweeten the pot for your highly-regarded new hires.

Rise of the content-distribution space

The native advertising market is a two billion dollar a year industry — and it’s growing. Ryan Skinner of Forrester Research says that some brands invest upwards of $40 billion per year in custom content and therefore have an incentive to get that material in front of the right people. This has lead to the rise of the new discipline called content distribution.

Four tips for monitoring your social campaign in real time

Constance Aguilar stresses the importance of effectively monitoring social media campaigns. No one wants a hashtag to backfire or a barrage of customer complaints on what was supposed to be a light-hearted Facebook post. In this piece, Constance provides four tips on how to keep control of your social efforts.

Seven startup lessons to get your business rolling

Network, seek out a mentor and be a good person are three of seven pieces of advice given by entrepreneur, Andrew Vest. Read on to absorb more actionable tips on getting that business idea off the ground.

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