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Summer on the north shore of Prince Edward Island

By Francis Moran

Today is a typically confused holiday for we Canadians.

It’s the Monday of a long weekend that is enjoyed coast to coast.

Well, almost coast to coast; in that unique fashion of theirs, Quebecers express their distinct society aspirations on this day by not having it off. (Although they did get to enjoy their Fête nationale du Québec on June 24, so they can’t really complain.)

We have trouble deciding what to call this quasi-national holiday in the rest of the country.

For most, it simply carries the anodyne moniker, August Long Weekend.

For Haligonians, it’s Natal Day. (Although I lived in Halifax for more than 10 years, I was never a real Haligonian. At best, I was a reasonable Halifacsimile. But I always enjoyed the Concert on the Hill and fireworks on what was only nominally the city’s birthday.)

For Torontonians, it’s Simcoe day.

Here in Ottawa, where I have lived for 25 years, I am always surprised to be reminded that it is supposed to be called Colonel By Day. I have never heard anyone in this town call it that.

British Columbia has — Wait for it; you’re never going to see this one coming! — British Columbia day. In Alberta, it’s Heritage Day. And in much of Ontario outside the two big cities, it’s the Civic Holiday, another name that could rouse only a Canadian spirit.

All this to say that we are on holiday today, and regular blog publishing will continue tomorrow.

If you are in Canada outside Quebec, enjoy the last long weekend of summer, whatever you call it.

And if you are elsewhere, well, enjoy Monday. If that’s what it’s called where you are.

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