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By Daylin Mantyka link

Friday has rolled around yet again, which means we’ve compiled a short list of the top articles we read and loved over the week. Grabbing our attention were posts from Spin Sucks, Fast Company, Social Samosa, memeburn and velocity.

Why newswire services don’t work (and when they do)

In this article, Kate Finley questions the value of newswire services. She states  they may be useful in some limited circumstances but mostly she is finding little value for her clients. Most of all, she says, newswires are not earned media. What do you think: Are newswire services worth their effort in this day and age?

What not to do when growing your company, from a CEO who’s done just that

Les  Kollegian is the CEO of an award-winning communications agency and has had his share of ups and downs. In this article, he recounts five pitfalls he experienced during the growth of his company and then provides insight on how to avoid them. One of the five lessons learned was, “Don’t rush the hiring process.”

9 cliched lines that social media #ClientSays

This article by Mansi Shah couldn’t be more accurate and is definitely worth the read. She dives into nine unrealistic demands that social media specialists hear over and over from their clients. Mansi then goes into reasons why the decision-making and execution of a content strategy should be left to the experts.

5 massive tech trends that will drive business in 2014

Nur Bremmen reflects on the progression of technology over the years and then makes some predictions for 2014. Perhaps you agree with Nur when he says that making a big splash over the next year are: Consumer electronics, big data, more access to WiFi, the importance of great content and the rise of the consumer.

Time for heros

Major brands — and even smaller companies — are starting to put their customers on centre stage.  says that drawing inspiration from magnetic people and customers might be a way to gain a competitive advantage.

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