Gay Acadian dog lovers, and other market niches

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By Francis Moran

My colleague, Linda, wrote a post yesterday about the reality that virtually every market niche imaginable has a media channel that reaches it. She managed, but only with great difficulty, to avoid referencing one of our favourite expressions here at inmedia. I am not as disciplined, so let me explain what the title of this post means.

Dog loverWhen you have two professional marketers in the family, some casual conversations can take a peculiar bent. Such was the case when my wife, a seasoned marketing communications strategist, and I were driving along a city street here in Ottawa a while ago. Up ahead, I spotted a car, with a canine passenger whose head was sticking out the window, as dogs love to do. Being a dog owner myself who often indulged my pooch’s enjoyment of high-speed scent sniffing, I said, “Hey, there’s a dog lover.”

Acadian FlagWe got a little closer and saw a flag on the car bumper featuring the French tricolour but with a yellow star in the upper left corner. I’m a bit of a flag nut and a Maritime Canadian, so I was easily able to identify it as the flag of the Acadian nation, people of French descent who settled in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick starting in the early 1600s. In 1755, refusing to surrender the neutrality they had been granted in the 1713 Treaty of Utrecht that ceded their territory to Britain, more than three-quarters of the Acadians living in Nova Scotia were forcibly expelled from their land and deported, many to Louisiana where they became known as Cajuns, a term that is derived from Acadian. It was arguably an early example of what today is called ethnic cleansing. Still, the Acadian culture persists in many parts of Maritime Canada today.

“Oh, it’s an Acadian dog lover,” I said to my wife.

We got even closer, and saw there was a rainbow stripe above the license plate. “Oh, it’s a gay Acadian dog lover,” I said.


“Now that’s a market niche,” my wife quipped. “Yup,” I agreed, “And I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t a Gay Acadian Dog Lovers Monthly that reaches that niche!”

There isn’t, of course, but you know what I mean. We now consistently use this story to illustrate that segmentation can be endless, that clear market niches can be identified, and that, the non-existence of Gay Acadian Dog Lovers Monthly notwithstanding, there almost always is a media channel or channels that reach any niche you can identify.


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  • Benjamin Boudreau

    January 10, 2008 12:31 pm

    I’ve never read such an obscure RSS subject heading that summed up so many small details about my life. Not that I’m a flag-wavin’, rainbow-stickerin’, puppy-carryin’ niche member but I still fit the characteristics. I’ll let you know if I find the newsletter!

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