A business (2.0) titan bows out

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By Francis Moran

My favourite magazine arrived this week clad in a plain-paper wrapping.

No, not that kind of magazine, or that kind of plain-paper wrapping.

Rather, it was the October 2007 issue of Business 2.0, which announced on a white, wrap-around cover that this is my last issue.

I knew this was coming – the magazine revealed its decision to stop publishing a couple of weeks ago — but it’s still sad. And it represents a triumph of accounting and business case analysis over passion and excellence.

I am a huge fan of good journalism. I am passionate about writing. And I love new technology and gadgets. And every month, Business 2.0 was required reading for me because it consistently hit the excellence mark on all three points. In fact, aside from the Globe and Mail, which I also consider required reading, Business 2.0 was the only periodical that came into this office that people were under orders not to file away but, rather, to immediately put it on my desk. By the time I finished reading an average issue, several of the pages would be dog-eared so I could do further research on the stuff I had read.

It is a rare thing that a publication can excite the kind of passion in its readers that Business 2.0 engendered; even rarer for a publication that covers boring old business. I don’t care what the accountants’ numbers said, Time Inc. is mad to kill that passion.


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  • Andrew

    September 28, 2007 4:20 pm

    It will be missed, probably the only magazine I couldn’t wait to arrive.

    Hopefully something takes its place that is close.

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