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What can your business learn from the Toy Testing Council?

By Leo Valiquettecttc_logo-001

If you are not familiar with it, the Canadian Toy Testing Council is a 55-year-old non-profit that enlists the volunteer aid of families to subject toys to the most rigorous testing possible – at the hands of kids.

The council’s philosophy is to evaluate each toy from a child’s perspective and gain their input. Each toy is evaluated based on its design, function, safety, durability, battery consumption and play value.

My wife and her sisters were toy testers for many years. We were given toys based on the kids’ genders and ages, they would play with the toy for several weeks and the parents would submit written evaluations.

Each year, these efforts by the various testing families are distilled into a report, just in time for the holiday shopping season, with the council’s recommendations for the best toys.

This process falls into the category of exploratory qualitative research, something for which a client of ours, Macadamian, is a tireless proponent.

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November roundup: What does it take to bring technology to market?

By Daylin Mantyka 2013-calendar-november

Last month’s contents were newsworthy and informative. Leading the pack was Francis Moran’s post on angel investors and crowdfunding, followed by Maurice Smith’s post on the definition of “Digital Media.”  As always, we had some great contributions from our guest bloggers on presentation skills, leadership, government policy makers and entrepreneurs, among others.

In case you missed any of it, here is a handy recap of our posts, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

November 14: Angel investors can’t sit on crowdfunding sidelines, by Francis Moran

November 13: ‘Digital media’ evades easy definition, and so proper measurement, by Maurice Smith

November 11: Join Startup Canada for an entrepreneurial invasion of Parliament Hill, by Francis Moran

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Great articles roundup: Public relations, growth, social media, tech trends & customer service

By Daylin Mantyka link

Friday has rolled around yet again, which means we’ve compiled a short list of the top articles we read and loved over the week. Grabbing our attention were posts from Spin Sucks, Fast Company, Social Samosa, memeburn and velocity.

Why newswire services don’t work (and when they do)

In this article, Kate Finley questions the value of newswire services. She states  they may be useful in some limited circumstances but mostly she is finding little value for her clients. Most of all, she says, newswires are not earned media. What do you think: Are newswire services worth their effort in this day and age?

What not to do when growing your company, from a CEO who’s done just that

Les  Kollegian is the CEO of an award-winning communications agency and has had his share of ups and downs. In this article, he recounts five pitfalls he experienced during the growth of his company and then provides insight on how to avoid them. One of the five lessons learned was, “Don’t rush the hiring process.”

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Is your job as social media expert about to become obsolete?

By Francis Moranold radio

When radio first came on the scene, getting the little box with its seemingly-magical mechanisms that plucked sound waves out of the air to actually make noise required users to know how radio worked. For most early radio adopters, it actually required them to build their own radio sets. As time went on, though, knowing how to operate a radio became common knowledge, and nobody had to be taught how to do it. That didn’t mean that the builders of radios and the programmers of good radio content became obsolete; it just meant that pretty much everybody knew how to use the tool while others, the experts, were still valued for their ability to build the tool and make it useful.

I used that analogy in a Facebook conversation yesterday that was prompted by my posting a link to an article that suggested that the job of social media expert will become obsolete as “youngsters (who) are already immersed in platforms such as Twitter and Facebook … enter the job market familiar with social media.” The article quoted Workopolis vice-president of human resources Tara Talbot, “People will need to be even more literate with social media just to get in the door and it will no longer be something that absolutely differentiates folks.”

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Government policy makers need to be at tech events

By Denzil Doyle techtuesdayottawa

One of the best networking opportunities in the Ottawa area is something that is known as Tech Tuesday and is sponsored by Terry Matthews. It is held on the first Tuesday of every month at the Marshes golf club and is open to the public. I have never seen a mission statement for the event but the people who attend range from entrepreneurs looking for money, to recent college grads looking for jobs. The focus is very much on information technology and how it can create wealth for Canadians.

There is no charge for attendance except for drinks at the bar. However, organizations like accounting and legal firms tend to serve some finger food for those who might feel the pangs of hunger before the event winds down.(It starts at 5:30 pm and ends about two or three hours later, depending on whether or not there is a formal presentation of some kind.)

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