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Reflections on a job well done

By Danny Sullivan

Still basking in the glory of Scotland’s magnificent victory over France in Paris last week, I found it impossible to begin this post without talking about it. After reflecting on the result, I realised it’s actually more relevant to this blog than I first thought.

Bear with me.

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BPM, POS, CMS… Acronyms causing confusion

By Linda Forrest

Working in the technology realm as we do, it is inevitable that we encounter many, many acronyms in our daily work. A quick scan of the blogosphere reveals that it’s a hot topic amongst technology marketers like Chris Hoskin and analysts alike.

There are so many acronyms in play and unfortunately a lot of them overlap. When you see CMS, do you think it means content management system, or contact management system, or code management system, or client music synthesis, or…

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What’s in a name?

By Danny Sullivan

Just a quick addition to my comments from yesterday about the host of Asian companies at ECOC this year.

I’m firmly of the belief that the names of companies and products have little bearing on their ultimate success or failure, but it’s still interesting to observe some of the curious names selected by companies that are intending to crack Western markets.

Liverage Technology, Gloriole Electroptic Technology and Shenzehn Opticking Tech were a few of the signs that caught my eye.

Reality sets in at ECOC

By Danny Sullivan

So my first impressions from ECOC yesterday were slightly tempered after spending today walking the floor and talking to the exhibitors.

The “sold out” line I used yesterday was addressed by more than a few people I spoke to, and has apparently been a bit contrived by limiting the space available to exhibitors. And when I said it seemed “busy,” several exhibitors told me they felt that booth traffic has been pretty quiet so far.

Nonetheless, the quality of traffic was something that was universally praised. Lots of good meetings seem to have been held, and some encouraging prospects had emerged for a lot of the U.K. and Canadian companies I spoke to.

An industry insider told me it was encouraging to see some spending in the telecoms sector again, especially in Europe where a number of build-outs are planned. The access market was pinpointed as the area with the best prospects in the current climate.

As a veteran of the Scottish optoelectronics sector told me, “The market is recovering, but slowly.” And long may it continue.

If you don’t put your name in the draw, you can’t win the prize

By Jill Pyle

The title of this post is a simple fact, one I heard a lot growing up. On regular basis, my mother wins everything from concert tickets to movie memorabilia to hotel accommodations and more. Some might call her lucky but I know better. She’s merely an optimist with a decent strategy. Unlike most people, she doesn’t waste time thinking about grim statistics like a one-in-a-million chance of winning. She’s always been quick to remind me that people who go through life thinking they can’t win, don’t win.

I’m sure more than a few of the TechCrunch40 finalists would agree. Without a doubt, many of them probably thought it would be nearly impossible to impress the likes of Jason Calacanis, Michael Arrington and all the well-known venture capitalists and journalists planning to attend the big event. Regardless, they submitted their new product ideas and prepared themselves for the rigorous approvals process.

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  • Bob Bailly : Your new mode of working means no face to face interaction yet you call yourself empathetic. How can removing yourself from daily human social interactions and possibly understand what makes other people tick. Research from UCLA suggests messages conveyed face to face are understood primarily by reading body language (57%) and tone of voice (35%), and that words convey only 7%. By interacting only through computer based non-video technology is like weightlifting only using your right forearm.

  • Anna : As a freelancer who spends much of her time on the computer writing, I find that I have a brain which connects empathically to people despite how much time I spend on technology. In fact, I am not happy being immersed daily in what I called 'imposed' social interaction (social interaction brought on by having to interact with co-workers). Such social interaction used to make be egregious, used to make me dislike co-workers, and have a generally negative view on work life. Furthermore, people like me who are generally empathic can 'hide' in our homes and be safe from others while we work; safe from their criticisms and aversions, safe from bullying and harassment. Furthermore, our talents as writers, photographers, or whatever, flourish absolutely under one important condition - freedom. I support moving work to an online domain because I see also how harmful the 9 - 5 is for people; how it drains them, how its endless cacophony of alarm clocks and ringing bells--lunch hours and lunch rooms, forced staff retreats and uncomfortable interactions with bosses--is killing them. I support allowing technology make us more efficient, happier. I support voluntary--not forced--interaction. I support eliminating the workplace altogether and creating NEW modes of working, either from home or through community-based platforms such as outdoor spaces.

  • 5 Ways to Engage With Your Brand Voice - icuc.social : [...] “A strong company voice on social media should emphasize the company’s values, objectives and key differentiators that set it apart from its competitors. These can be expressed in the tone of the communication and the content that is shared with community members and the target audience.The best social media voices are communal, grammatical, dialectical, authentic, original, contextual, relevant, timely, persistent, responsive, helpful, generous and more informal. A company’s social media voice should only be changed if absolutely necessary and should maintain all of these qualities. Any change should be preceded by lots of information explaining the change to community members to ensure they know it is deliberate and that the company isn’t suffering from some form of instability, which jeopardizes relationships.” [@TechAlly, Francis Moran & Associates – via Francis Moran & Associates] [...]

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