March roundup: What does it take to bring technology to market?

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March was an exciting month, full of changes and new developments.

In the commercialization ecosystem, all eyes were on the federal and Ontario budgets, which shook up government investment and spending in Canadian business and innovation. In social media, the Stop Kony 2012 campaign went viral, spurring fervent debates between its supporters and critics all around the globe. Facebook also unveiled its new brand pages, leaving many businesses scrambling to update their pages and understand the new format on deadline. We covered all of these subjects and more last month on this blog. If you missed any of our posts, here is a handy roundup.

March 22: What an IP co-ordinator should know, confidentially speaking By David French

March 14: Looking for that sweet spot to get market traction by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

March 01: Yikes … we forgot the demo! by Peter Hanschke

And on a related note…

In addition to our series, our associates and guest bloggers were also busy writing on a great range of topics. Here are our other posts from March, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

March 12: Why I find the Stop Kony 2012 campaign so offensive by Francis Moran

March 26: Government incentive programs set for major shakeup by Francis Moran

March 27: SoLoMo: How governments are engaging their constituents by John Craig

March 28: Ontario 2012 Budget: perspectives on business incentives by Terry Lavineway

March 15: The complete guide to optimizing new Facebook brand pages for your social media marketing strategy by Alexandra Reid

March 08: Startup Weekend coming to Ottawa by Francis Moran

March 20: Outsourced community management: Agency to B2B social media communications strategy by Alexandra Reid

March 29: FounderFuel emphasizes mentor interaction in second cohort by Francis Moran

March 21: My day at FounderFuel by Francis Moran

March 30: Will the SR&ED tax credit changes have a meaningful impact? by Terry Lavineway

March 13: Tribal marketing by Bob Bailly

March 05: Yeah, I am trying to get a product to market by Leo Valiquette

March 09: The keys to delivering a killer pitch by Martin Soorjoo

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