July roundup: What does it take to get technology to market?

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By Hailley Griffis 

Last month’s lineup featured great posts that shattered common myths about how your brain functionality affects sales and marketing and whether or not your software demo may be killing your sales. We looked at worst practices in the world of social media marketing (and how to avoid them), as well as how to pitch an investor slide by slide. Most notably, our website was redesigned and we are happy to present to you the new and improved layout. Let us know what you think!

In case you missed any of it, here is a handy recap of our posts, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

July 29: Why the best target for your sales and marketing efforts is a reptile, by Bob Bailly

July 25: Welcome to our new design, by Francis Moran

July 04: Social media marketing: Pitfalls and how to avoid them, by the Chamber of Commerce

July 11: Is your software demo killing your sale?, by Francis Moran

July 30: Investor pitching 101, with Communitech’s Frank Erschen, by Leo Valiquette

July 18: Why VC funding might spike your dreams, by Francis Moran

July 08: Do researchers and storytellers hold the key to improved productivity and startup survival?, by Jay Innes

July 23: Soaking up that K-W vibe, by Leo Valiquette

July 03: Why confidentiality? (Part 2), by David French

July 10: When one city hogs a national economy, by Maurice Smith

July 31: The tech world should defend the Keystone pipeline, by Denzil Doyle

July 16: Cultivating your content garden, by Leo Valiquette

July 15: How to use inbound marketing for App Store Optimization, by the Chamber of Commerce

July 17: Test test test, by Peter Hanschke

July 22: 10 tips for marketing in a downturn, by Francis Moran

July 09: Keeping constructively busy through these dog days, by Leo Valiquette

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