January roundup: What does it take to bring technology to market?

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This week marked the one-year anniversary of our new blog. We thank you for being with us and participating in our conversations, which covered a whole host of technology marketing issues.

Last month, we offered new counsel for startups from startup founders themselves. Screenreach, Host Analytics, CommentAir, Genevolve and NanoScale all weighed in on the specific issues that all entrepreneurs should be aware of, including the importance of strong teams, ways to overcome the status quo, how to ensure your product meets a specific market demand, attracting a flagship customer, and how to bring to market a compelling product that is protected by a rigorous intellectual property strategy.

We also explored the benefits that could come from industry and academia working together, what an IP coordinator should know and tribes in a techno world. Of course, this list just scrapes the surface. Read ahead for more.

January 3: When selling yourself as faster and cheaper is no longer enough: Part 2 by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

January 10: Putting your assumptions to the test by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

January 18: Wanted: Partners willing to take a leap of faith by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

January 23: What an IP coordinator should know: Are we getting value for our money? by David French

January 25: Dealing with the devilish details by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

January 30: Preparing for a major offensive by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

January 31: You really can achieve great things when industry, academia work together by Jason Flick

And on a related note…

In addition to our series, our associates and guest bloggers were also busy writing on a great range of topics. Here are our other posts from January, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

January 17: The impact of infographics on marketing, journalism by Linda Forrest

January 19: Why we value blog comments, even if they’re not all constructive by Alexandra Reid

January 26: The camel’s nose marketing strategy by Francis Moran

January 24: Five reasons why B2B businesses should start looking at Pinterest by Alexandra Reid

January 5: The two-horse race most startups don’t even realize they’re running by Francis Moran

January 11: Important points B2B businesses should consider before launching a Facebook brand page by Alexandra Reid

January 12: Best of: Embargos and how to use them effectively by Danny Sullivan

January 20: How are you writing the story of tomorrow? by Francis Moran

January 4: The big and bold social media issues raise by Noah Kravitz vs Phonedog.com by Alexandra Reid

January 16: The prime minister is calling: Are you prepared for success? by John Craig

January 9: Tribes in a techno world by Bob Bailly

January 6: I’ve got some bad news…The role of PR in sharing bad news by Linda Forrest

January 27: Best of: Online communications can make or break your reputation for customer service by Linda Forrest

January 13: Have you got the write stuff? by Linda Forrest

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