Great articles roundup: Viral marketing, engaging community, a Canadian in the Valley, Space Oddity

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By Hailley Griffis

As a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of some of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are Convince&Convert, VentureBurn, Kim Garst, TechVibes and Commander Chris Hadfield.

Contagion, social media, and why things catch on

Jonah Berger, marketing professor at the Wharton School, discusses setting realistic goals with a viral marketing campaign and the science behind it.

Secrecy: The silent killer of innovation

Martin Carstens writes about openness in the startup world and the differences between South Africa and San Francisco.

How to grow an engaged social media community

The important task of growing your social media community is discussed on Kim Garst’s blog by Brandon Milford.

A Canadian startup’s beginner guide to navigating Silicon Valley

An interesting presentation by George Favvas that talks about his experience in moving to Silicon Valley as a Canadian entrepreneur and the various costs associated with this decision.

Cmdr. Hadfield’s Space Oddity

With all of the recent buzz about it, we also have to mention Chris Hadfield’s video – Space Oddity. Almost at 13 million views this morning, Commander Hadfield has been an exceptional example for social media use aboard the International Space Station.


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  • Nick Stamoulis

    May 17, 2013 1:53 pm

    From “How to grow an engaged social media community” – “Social media a two way street so foster conversations around your brand and be quick to respond to those who have taken the time to reach out to you via social media, whether it’s a complaint or a complement.”

    Far too many companies treat social media as a one-sided form of communication. If you are posting great content but aren’t engaging with your followers, then you’re only doing half the job. Taking the time to make a personal connection by responding to comments or critiques leaves a lasting impression on your followers.

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