Great articles roundup: Startup values, email & content marketing and startups in Asia

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By Daylin Mantyka link

It’s time for Friday’s weekly roundup. Throughout the week, we’ve read some great content written by the creative folks at StartupCFO, Marketo, Velocity Partners and Tech In Asia.

On deck we’ve got an article that talks about the importance of defining and sticking to your values as your startup grows, followed by an interesting read on using behavioral targeting to get your customers opening emails. Third, we’ve got a slide presentation on one of the secrets to content marketing. In our fourth pick, one writer explores the reasons why some Asian startups no longer care about saving face. Enjoy!

The importance of values

Company values are  closely related to culture. Mark MacLeod talks about the importance of defining values early on, but to really enforce them once your startup has reached growth phase. Sticking to your values provides a guideline for making decisions. He goes on to share those used at FreshBooks that follow the acronym, PORCHFEST. Curious? Read on.

Get more email opens and clicks using behavioral targeting

Jon Miller of Marketo has written a dense piece on how to get more customers to emails and subsequently buy products. When you start to understand not just who your customers are, but how they behave, your targeting becomes more focused and valuable. Jon lists examples of behavioural targeting and shows how this sort of thinking can impact the bottom-line.

The other C word: What makes great content marketing great

There is no single recipe for content marketing success. But, according to Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners, there is one ingredient that can help your marketing efforts rise above the competition. Kessler shares his secrets through a series of captivating slides.

Failure versus face: How can Asia produce startups despite its culture?

Anh-Minh Do, editor at Tech In Asia, writes that the inherent desire to NOT share publicly in Asian cultures is a nightmare for building a healthy startup culture, especially when it comes to talking about failures. However, there are companies popping up here and there that are defying the status quo; they are wearing their hearts on their sleeves and are ready to speak out. Anh-Minh Do explores the reasons behind some of this newly expressed bravery.


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  • Doug Kessler

    September 27, 2013 12:37 pm

    Great round-up! Thanks for including “The Other C Word” — and for turning me on to these other excellent pieces.

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