Great articles roundup: Startup fundraising, growth, performance, investors and marketing stunts

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By Daylin Mantyka link

We’re startup-heavy this week for Friday’s roundup and have selected some great content from Forbes, Entrepreneur, ZDNet, the Globe and Mail and The Kernel.

We’ve got two great articles on raising capital and growing your business. We found an interesting post about dealing with non-performers in your company and another about finding that perfect investor for your startup. Finally, we’ve selected an interesting post on marketing: Was it a stealthy marketing stunt or was it a spy’s wallet that was found on a London train?

10 reasons you’ll never raise a dime for your startup

Entrepreneur, Eric T. Wagner, writes a straight-forward post on why your startup will never raise any money. This list includes poor leadership skills, a broken team, no customer traction and a bad business model. No sugar-coating here; Eric insists you must at least one of these sins to increase your odds of startup success.

5 ways to get out of startup mode and grow your business

Grant Cardone thinks that entrepreneurs stay in startup mode way too long;. If you keep telling people you’re “just a startup,” you will never take the action necessary for real growth. Grant provides five techniques for transitioning from startup to growth mode — including one of the most important tips, instilling a sense of urgency.

Dealing with non-performers in startups

Srinivas Kulkarni says that handling non-performers in startups is a challenge for many new entrepreneurs. He says it’s best to understand why non-performers are under-performing, and to make sure they have the resources to adequately do their jobs. Srinivas also expresses that when people feel a sense of entitlement about their position, they have a tendency to be self-starters. What do you think?

How to find the right investor for your startup

Investors can provide your business with more than just capital. Aaron Pitman is an angel investor and and entrepreneur who has put together an interesting post on finding the right investor for your startup. The first step to attracting investors is to establish yourself as honest and trustworthy. If you do happen to gain investment attention, Aaron stresses the importance of making sure you have the right investors before sealing the deal.

Is this a spy’s wallet or a marketing stunt?

A mysterious wallet found on a London train was filled with fake ID documents, business cards and a Cabinet Office access card. In a curious and inquisitive post, James Cook wonders if the wallet was a clever marketing play or a legitimate lost item.

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