Great articles roundup: PR agencies and Google, digital marketing misconceptions, startup failure, investor pitching

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linkBy Hailley Griffis

In this week’s roundup, we explore how PR agencies are in fact not dead, and why digital marketing is more than just social media (and other misconceptions.) In addition, we focus on startups, with reads that look at the top ways startups screw up and a few red flags when pitching to investors. This week’s articles come from Spin Sucks, Fourth Source, Wamda and Forbes.

Don’t die PR agencies, what the recent Google changes really mean

Gini Dietrich replies with a resounding “no” to the idea that Google has just killed PR agencies, or news releases, with its new update. If you consider PR to be purely news releases then you need to get back to the media relations that were actually supposed to be happening, where you build a relationship with journalists and reporters, call them and then pitch an idea after that.

Top 10 misconceptions about digital marketing

Nick James has rounded up 10 very accurate misconceptions about digital marketing. The idea that digital marketing and social media are the same thing, or that digital marketing requires technology and should therefore be the responsibility of the tech-savvy employees, are just two of the many misconceptions.

Three ways to screw up your startup

Fadi Bizri has worked with a plethora of startups as the managing director of Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program. He has seen startups that thrive and startups that fail. Consequently, he knows firsthand that there are just too many ways to screw up a startup. He looks at the most common ways that he’s seen startups royally mess up.

Three red flags to avoid when pitching investors

Wil Schroter helps founders raise capital and as such has a lot of experience in dealing with investors. When investors have hundreds of deals to sift through in a month, there are specific red flags they look for that will automatically land a startup in the junk pile. Not having any traction with early-stage customers is the first red flag.


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  • Gini Dietrich (@ginidietrich)

    August 27, 2013 9:05 am

    Thanks, Hailley, for this nice roundup. I appreciate it’s not all about social media and digital marketing. Off to read Fadi’s post now.

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