Great articles roundup: Marketing investments, public relations, permission marketing, personal branding

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By Hailley Griffis

Every Friday, we round up some of the best articles we’ve come across in the past week and share them with our readers. Front and centre this time around are Marketing Tech Blog, TopRank, CopyBlogger and Business2Community.

Expectations on your marketing investment

Douglas Karr, President and CEO of DK New Media, goes over the importance of understanding where your marketing dollars are going, and how to optimize that. He compares outbound, advertising and inbound marketing, concluding that for a lot of people, inbound marketing is one of the best investments if you have the right resources and strategy.

How public relations & communications can win the content marketing race

Lee Odden observes that times are changing with the social world, there are less and less journalists and even more content. He outlines the distinct advantage that public relations and communications have in the world of content marketing as a result of their ability to storytell, among other things.

The evolution of permission marketing: what you need to succeed in 2013

Sonia Simone writes about permission marketing and delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person, who actually wants the message. It’s all about earning the attention of your target audience, a concept that is changing thanks to the internet. Sonia goes over that evolution and the newfound importance of context.

Visual marketing and personal branding success

A post by personal branding blog, examines the importance of visual communication and of social media in branding. They look at how to effectively convey your personal brand using images and visual tools, and then perfecting your social media focus to put visual marketing to work for your brand.


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  • Douglas Karr

    June 21, 2013 4:40 pm

    Thanks so much for the mention!

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