Great articles roundup: Marketing bucket list, new marketing roles, prospect’s trust and watching your customers

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linkBy Hailley Griffis

This Friday we have two distinct trends in our favourite articles of the past week.

The first is the importance of looking to the future of marketing. Articles by Marketo Blog and featured on LinkedIn discuss the changing landscape of marketing, the new roles that will be required in the future and suggestions for accomplishing your goals while you can.

The second trend is that of customer service, something this blog always makes a point to highlight. Articles by CopyBlogger and FastCompany look into why you may be losing your prospects’ trust and how to avoid it. Also, should you actually listen to your customer? What if they don’t really know what they want?

What’s on your marketing bucket list?

Shonal Narayan encourages companies to strive for all of their marketing goals while they can, so they never have to look back and say “We should have done that, but we didn’t.” Shonal makes his own recommendations for excellent items to be added to the marketing bucket list, such as going mobile and getting salespeople to blog.

10 marketing roles for the next 10 years

Joe Pulizzi looks at the importance of content marketing; 9 out of 10 companies are currently creating content to attract customers. Yet, the focus needs to shift to owning content niches online and growing the audience and subscribers in order to ultimately sell more. He describes 10 new positions that will need to be created in order to have marketing departments transform themselves into the publishing organizations they are already on their way to becoming.

8 (easily avoidable) ways to lose your prospects’ trust

Ali Luke looks at the various ways websites can create doubt in the minds of potential customers. Even when a customer is ready to buy, a few avoidable mistakes on the website could change that decision. These mistakes range from over exaggerating the benefits of the product to having too many ads or typos. Maintaining a prospect’s trust remains one of the most important parts of the sales cycle.

Don’t listen to your customers — watch them

David Zax uses the dating site Zoosk as a perfect example of how customers don’t always know what they want. He explains that customers think they know what they want, but sometimes they’ll make an exception. The importance lies, he explains, in watching how they act and what decisions they make. That is the key to better understanding what your customers need, and tailoring your offering accordingly.


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  • Joe Pulizzi

    July 12, 2013 12:35 pm

    Hi Hailley…thanks for the shout out…and the other two as well. I’ll check them out for sure.


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