Great articles roundup: Great leaders, marketing orientation, content marketing, personal information and ghost writing

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By Alexandra Reid

As a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are Fast Company, Econsultancy, MarketingWeek, TechVibes, and Business 2 Community.

How to properly define ‘great leader’ — and act like one

We don’t think of leadership as some set of fuzzy, intangible character qualities that some people are born with and others are not. We think of leadership as the performance of behaviours. The skill of performing these behaviours can be learned and developed by anybody. Some people do not develop these skills and therefore do not perform leader behaviours with much competence. Others develop some skill and become pretty good leaders. Others develop considerable skill and become great leaders. Author Geoff Smart defines “great leader” and explains what they do to achieve great results.

Six tips for becoming a marketing-oriented technology company: Part one

Being at the heart of two tech organizations, author Paul Cook shares (the first three of) six tips from his experience on how to become a marketing-oriented technology company.

‘Value in content marketing, but don’t jump in’

The amount spent on content marketing is to rise significantly this year, according to data from the Content Marketing Association, but industry experts have warned marketers to consider the numerous pitfalls that could cause brand damage before diving head first into this marketing discipline.

Canadians who give companies their personal information are sorely disappointed, study reveals

With the Internet and modern technology more accessible than ever, personally tailored marketing approaches are now remarkably possible even when dealing with tens of thousands of consumers. But Canadians are less than satisfied with how companies have thus far made use of this potential, the results of a recent study suggest.

Ghost(Writer) Hunting: How to make it less scary

Just because the majority of companies are using ghostwriters doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find quality ones. In fact, since the nature of ghostwriters is that they act like ghosts – namely, you don’t actually see the people who are involved with the content creation, as they are given no credit and work invisibly – it can be very difficult, indeed. Author Laura Hancock explains the qualities of a good ghost writer and how to hunt for one.


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