Great articles roundup: Failed and winning marketing, lessons from a startup and inbound marketing strategy

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By Hailley Griffis

This week’s article roundup is all about marketing, courtesy of Huffington Post, CopyBlogger, Forbes and ClickZ.

First up, why marketing campaigns are bound to failure and the mistakes you might be making. Next, we see the importance of providing relevant content to your audience and look at the winning difference this content can provide. We follow that with the lessons one founder learned going from the corporate world to the startup world and how he has improved his marketing. Finally a very detailed post goes over how to create an inbound marketing strategy.

Why your marketing campaigns are destined to fail

Jun Loayza is very familiar with the classic mistakes a lot of marketers make. Drawing on the hundreds of marketing campaigns he has implemented, Loayza recaps what he’s learned from his failures. The first is being too focused on traffic, and not giving enough thought to conversion. He then talks about properly pitching the product and whether or not people can talk about you with ease.

Content marketing: A truly winning difference

Brian Clark talks about the creation of the unique selling proposition, and how that changed products, sales and advertising to what we have today. One product or service can become better known than an identical product or service, thanks to its advertising, branding and overall image. The difference comes from delivering custom content; 61 percent of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content, and are more likely to buy from that company.

Lessons from a marketing startup

Erik Severinghaus went from IBM to his own startup called SimpleRelevance, which taught him the value of practicing an intentional business strategy. He explains some of the lessons that he’s learned through his experience in the corporate world and then in the startup world. His first lesson talks about the importance of having proof of credibility, whether with case studies or testimonials, to show you know what you’re talking about and offering.

Creating an inbound marketing content strategy

Luke Summerfield knows that one of the most important pieces of a successful inbound marketing strategy is the content, however without the right marketing strategy this can leave organizations frustrated. Summerfield provides an overview of how to create an effective and targeted content strategy, with the goal of driving targeted prospects to your website and converting them into quality leads. The first step that he goes over is having a persona for your brand.

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