Great articles roundup: Entrepreneurshit, startup equation, booby CEOs, innovation, accelerators, and marketing

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By Alexandra Reid

As a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of some of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are Mark Suster, Joseph Jaffe, Milo Yiannopoulos, Marla Capozzi and Ari Kellen, David Meerman Scott, Peter Cohen and Mikael Cho.

Entrepreneurshit: the blog post on what it’s really like

What’s it really like to be an entrepreneur? Mark Suster tells first-time wantrapreneurs that it’s far from the glamorous life depicted in the press.

Key leg in start-up equation: marketing

It’s widely understood that the start-up world is built on a two-legged platform of technology and finance, says Joseph Jaffe. But there’s a third leg, which people don’t often hear about. Jaffe argues that the marketing leg is the most important part of the entire equation. Yet, it’s the one that is the most undervalued, underinvested, underutilized and misunderstood.

Sorry, founders, but you’re not ‘CEO’ of anything … yet

A bit of bullshit is not a bad thing when you’re a scrappy company punching above its weight. But must we really bestow the term “chief executive officer” on every self-promoting booby with a website? Milo Yiannopoulos says calling yourself a “CEO” doesn’t express how powerful and impressive you are, just that you’re a bit of a bell-end, and argues that there’s no shame in holding fire until you’ve earned it.

Solving your biggest innovation challenge

Game-changing innovation is a beautiful thing. Disruptive products and services are unleashed. New markets are created. Customers smile, employees cheer and shareholders win. What’s not to like? The problem is that large companies find game-changing innovation staggeringly difficult to achieve. Big companies should focus instead on “innovation at scale” — that is, achieving repeatable and sustainable organic growth from new products, services and business models that build on the core business.

Get famous fast: helping entrepreneurs win at media relations

Tons of great media relations advice from some of the best in the industry, ’nuff said.

How accelerators help startups get funding

Business accelerator programs offer startups low-cost space, business services, talented employees, and contacts who can help find customers and partners in exchange for a small stake. Unlike business incubators, business accelerators are highly selective. VC Peter Cohen explains why getting your venture accepted into an accelerator can help immensely when it comes to getting into a venture capitalist’s portfolio.

If you hate trying to get press, read this. Now.

When ooomf launched a couple of months ago, the team didn’t really know how they were going to tell people about it. They wanted to shout it from the top of a mountain but their mountain was in the middle of nowhere. CEO Mikael Cho shares practical media relations advice that helped the company succeed.

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