Great articles roundup: Copywriting, crowdfunding, lean startups, marketing and Canadian technology

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By Daylin Mantykalink

It’s Friday again, which means we’ve compiled a short list of the top articles we read and loved this week. Compliments of Business 2 Community, The Globe and Mail, VentureBeat and Marketo, these posts were shared extensively throughout the startup and marketing communities.

First up, an article that reminds us about the definition of copywriting, followed by a post on crowdfunding in Canada. Third, we’ve selected a highly-shared article that challenges the notion of the lean startup methodology. Next, a post that explores how a background in physics can help with a career in marketing. We conclude with an optimistic outlook for the Canadian tech scene.

What is copywriting and why is it not content marketing?

Julia Spence reminds us that although copywriting and content marketing are often used in the same context, they aren’t synonymous with one another. This post is a good refresher on what copywriting is and what a copywriter does.

Crowdfunding 2.0 will turn customers into shareholders

Currently, crowdfunding platforms in Canada allow companies to solicit donations in exchange for a reward or early access to a product. In this article, Jacob Serebrin looks at the future of crowdfunding in Canada and whether or not investors (accredited or not) will be allowed to make micro-investments in exchange for equity.

6 things wrong with the ‘Lean Startup’ model (and what to do about it)

This article spread like wildfire among startup enthusiasts. Entrepreneur Michael Sharkey challenges the notion of the ever-popular lean startup methodology. He provides six reasons why going lean isn’t always the best path for early-stage companies.

What physics taught me about marketing

Jon Miller was “this close” to accepting a Phd role at MIT. Instead, he chose to explore business as a viable career option. Although marketing and physics appear to be on opposite ends of the spectrum, Jon believes that his background couldn’t be more appropriate. In this article, he shares some unique thoughts on how physics taught him about marketing.

Why Canada’s tech story isn’t all doom and gloom

Ryan Holmes, founder and CEO of Vancouver-based HootSuite, talks optimistically about technology innovation happening right here in our home and native land. He sites a handful of current, thriving businesses and insists that Canada has the capacity to build and grow world-class companies.

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