Great articles roundup: Content marketing, social forums, access journalism, liars, and startup tribes

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By Alexandra Reid

As a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are Joe Pulizzi, Social Media Examiner, Memeburn, Peter Shankman, and Fast Company.

5 critical content marketing tactics to consider now

As part of its audit and to set new goals, Content Marketing Institute is focusing on a number of key areas where it wants to improve. In this post, Joe Pulizzi shares five key content marketing tactics that are standing out for the agency.

8 B2B tips for using social forums

How should business-to-business (B2B) marketers best use question-based social forums? For B2B companies in particular, LinkedIn GroupsQuora and HighTable are just three examples of forums where marketers can demonstrate their knowledge. In this article, author Kane Russell explains how B2B marketers can best approach these sites and provides eight recommendations for generating qualified leads and driving sales.

How big tech companies keep journalists under their thumbs

Access journalism is alive and well in Silicon Valley and although it is wielded in different ways, it is how large companies make sure the press corps is relatively friendly and rarely critical. Author and veteran Silicon Valley journalist Tom Foremski argues that because very few reporters have the luxury of disregarding a potential loss of top access — their jobs depend on it — access journalism is a massive Achilles’ Heel for tech journalists, and companies exploit it to the max.

HARO/Forbes: Can one idiot ruin it for everyone? No.

Peter Shankman claims that David Thier’s recent post on Forbes was a balanced expose on how one “liar” (Ryan Holiday) duped reporters and got widespread coverage, under the guise of an “experiment.” Unfortunately, he used Help A Reporter Out (HARO), responding to every query he could and claiming to be an expert on everything. This situation provides a great case study for journalists and marketing and PR professionals. In this post, Shankman offers lessons for both.

Your startup is a tribe, (and your customers are members, too)

Cooperation is our species’ signature adaptation. That’s the thrust of Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson’s The Social Conquest of Earth. The book offers up a new view of human evolution, one that emphasizes our strengths of empathy and altruism, instead of a dog-eat-dog struggle for survival. We developed into social beasts because we needed to decide whether cooperation, competition or domination was the best way to move forward with both our individual and group goals. We are also hard-wired for empathy and altruistic impulses, to better the odds that we will choose to make decisions on behalf of all instead of our own selfish agenda. In this post, author Jon Stein argues that this view of human nature also offers lessons for business.

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