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By Daylin Mantyka link

Compliments of the folks over at Duct Tape Marketing, Marketo, Social Media Explorer, and Fast Company, this week’s roundup is marketing heavy with a little bit of entrepreneurship.

First up, why a mission statement is critical for content marketing, followed by lessons learned from a seasoned marketing VP. Third, we’ve got some advice on measuring the impact of social media and conclude with two articles on entrepreneurship.

Why your small business needs a content marketing mission statement

Joe Pulizzi, founder of Content Marketing Institute, says that 94 percent of businesses are using some form of content marketing to grow their business. The bad news is that few of them actually believe that their efforts are making a difference. In order to be effective with your content marketing strategy, Pulizzi stresses the importance of a Content Marketing Mission Statement and outlines how it can be used to get a better ROI.

The 3 things I learned from my marketing VP: Vision, strategy, message

It was a fortunate position for Phillip Chen. For one month, he had the opportunity to report directly to the VP of marketing at Marketo. In this piece, he shares three important lessons he learned while acting as the VP’s right hand man.

Stop listening when social media experts tell you ROI isn’t important 

Using metrics to help inform decisions is important for any business, especially when measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts. Some marketers, however, claim that social media can’t be measured because it’s about building relationships, which are difficult to place a value on. Nichole Kelly of Social Media Explorer stresses the importance of using metrics in social media and exposes some of the leaders in the industry who disagree.

Do you have the courage to thrive and survive as an entrepreneur?

Faisal Hoque says that it takes courage to be an entrepreneur. As he gets ready to launch his next two ventures, he shares what he believes to be the five most essential principles that are must-haves for any entrepreneurial journey. He understands that every journey is unique, but it starts with a supportive companion and ends with mindful execution.

What happens when you infuse philanthropy with tech entrepreneurial spirit?

Steve and Jean Case, high-tech iconoclasts, are finding success with their foundation by doing things a little differently from the rest of the philanthropy world. Rachael Chong explores their creative approach that harness the power of partnerships.

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