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By Daylin Mantyka

As a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of some of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are Techvibes, Financial Post, Ventureburn, Velocity and Fast Company.

Why even startups should practice content marketing

Greg Marlin outlines some compelling reasons why startups should engage in content marketing. The benefits of deploying a smart, well thought out plan include message and market testing, awareness and traffic generation, and shortening the sales cycle, for example. Read on to get a more in depth look at the pros of creating engaging, consistent content.

Copy these 10 things one startup founder is doing right

Rick Spence, Financial Post columnist and experienced business communications consultant, met entrepreneur “Bruce” for a coffee last week. Perhaps it was Bruce’s maturity or real world experiences that made an impression on Spence. Regardless, the poise of this entrepreneur inspired him to share 10 notable attributes with the rest of the entrepreneurial community.

Startups must have something unique to be successful, says Gloo boss

Michelle Atagana of Ventureburn speaks with Pete Case, founder of the award-winning digital agency Gloo, about entrepreneurship and South African startups. Case also dives into the importance of building a unique business and the challenges digital faces in the broader marketing world.

Lessons from PR’s missed opportunity

Deep problems arise when quantity trumps quality. According to Neil Stoneman, the PR world failed when “internal teams, and their agencies, traded the pursuit of big ideas for solid production processes and settled for churning out lots of unremarkable stuff.”  A former PR person himself, Stoneman laments a time in the industry of excitement, innovation and passion. Most importantly, he warns content marketers to avoid this PR slump and to cherish innovation and creativity.

Your startup is a runt: Pivot hard or keep pushing?

Chris Dannen interviews Taro Fukuyama of AnyPerk, the first Japanese Y Combinator (YC) startup that pulled off an audacious pivot in the middle of the three-month program. His words of advice? If you want to pivot, you need to pivot hard.


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