Great articles roundup: Advocate armies, controversy, susceptibility, social media, startup ideas, and an Innovation Map

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By Alexandra Reid

As a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are Marketo, NextGen Journal, ReadWriteWeb, B2B Bliss, Ventureburn, and Montreal Tech Watch.

Building a B2B marketing brand advocate army

Great information on how to create a program to reward B2B brand champions, modelled after Marketo’s own champion program.

Why every social media manager should be under 25

The post screams link bait but I couldn’t resist. It was so controversial, it attracted hundreds of comments and a commentary post from Fast Company. Read for yourself and share your opinion.

Social marketers court influencers but ignore susceptibility, research shows

Social media marketers have long focused on finding “influencers” on Facebook to spread a message or promote a product. New research suggests they’re missing half of the equation – susceptibility, or the idea that some people are more likely than others to be influenced by online social networks.

The ultimate list of social media marketing tips

Are you using social media to reach your customers? Are you doing it strategically or are you just bashing them over the head with information? HubSpot’s Dan Zarrella and HootSuite’s Ben Watson teamed up for a webinar on social media marketing. Check out some key tips from the webinar on how you can reach customers more effectively.

4 tips for protecting your tech startup idea

The first three points are rather obvious, but I particularly like point four: Launch with immediate benefit to consumers.

Canadian Innovation Map: Add your organization

This isn’t so much a great read, but there’s an interesting initiative on the Canadian Innovation LinkedIn group with a map showing the different actors in the ecosystem that’s worth checking out. As stated on the homepage, caninnovation is still a work in progress, but the current data is already interesting. And it’s not just startups, since the map also wants to add large clusters, industry trade groups, as well as universities. If you are part of an innovation group (an incubator, investment firm, entrepreneurial organization), take a few minutes to add your organization profile there.


  • Shahab Khan

    October 22, 2012 2:22 pm

    Thanks Alexandra for the support on the Canadian Innovation Ecosystem. I just found your article today.


  • Alexandra Reid

    October 24, 2012 1:04 pm

    My pleasure, Shahab. Keep up the great work.

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