December roundup: What does it take to bring technology to market?

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By Daylin Mantyka december2013064

Even though we took our usual holiday break in December, we still covered a lot of ground on the blog throughout the month. Leading the pack was a well-received piece by our resident neuromarker, Bob Bailly, followed by a to-the-point post on improving your presentation skills in the new year.

In case you missed any of it, here is a handy recap of our posts, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

December 11: Would you kill the Fat Man?, by Bob Bailly

December 18: Five keys to your presentation success in 2014, by Anil Dilawri

December 19: Damn it, Beyoncé: Now all the pundits will say marketing is unnecessary, by Francis Moran

December 12: Communications by warehouse in the Internet age, by Francis Moran

December 4: The decline of Internet advertising, by Eric Goldman

December 5: Crowdfunding is not marketing, by Francis Moran

December 10: Lessons in customer service from Kijiji and Co., by Leo Valiquette

December 13: What can your business learn from the Toy Testing Council?, by Leo Valiquette

December 9: Runaway trains, by David French

December 17: Becoming a more successful you in 2014, by Leo Valiquette

December 23: Planning for the New Year, by David French

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