August roundup: What does it take to get technology to market?

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By Hailley Griffis

Last month’s lineup featured dueling posts from Francis Moran and Leo Valiquette about Ottawa’s future innovation complex and how the thing just needs to get done. And as always, we had excellent content from our associates and contributors on effective and engaging presentations, getting an app to market, entrepreneurship, and marketing and customer service lessons that are universal.

In case you missed any of it, here is a handy recap of our posts, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

August 14: Ottawa’s new innovation complex needs lots of parking. And maybe a few other things, too, by Francis Moran

August 08: Ottawa’s proposed innovation complex suffers Ottawa’s familiar inferiority complex, by Francis Moran

August 15: Show up and throw up: A presentation epidemic, by Anil Dilawri

August 07: To serve the entrepreneur, you need to think like an entrepreneur, by Leo Valiquette

August 01: The definition of an entrepreneur is someone who is abnormal, by Francis Moran

August 12: Identifying the invention, by David French

August 19: Now that you’ve launched an app, time to work on v2.0, by Peter Hanschke

August 22:  When the rampaging elephant drops dead, by Francis Moran

August 13: If you neglect your health, you are neglecting a crucial part of your business, by Leo Valiquette

August 26: Taking the lean approach to market, by Francis Moran

August 21: How small businesses can prosper from B2B marketing, by Chamber of Commerce

August 28: Empowerment is the core of superior customer service, by Francis Moran

August 29: The youth unemployment problem needs more than R&D, by Denzil Doyle

August 27: Marketing lessons learned from a weekend camping trip, by Leo Valiquette

August 20: A tale of ProFantastic customer service, by Leo Valiquette

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