September roundup: What does it take to get technology to market?

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Thank you for being with us for the eighth month of our new blog. In case you missed them, here is a recap of our posts from September.

Last month, we concluded our Commercialization Ecosystem series and launched two new series, Technology Marketing 101, which features anecdotal stories about how a successful marketing program was developed, executed and measured, and A Startup’s Story, which will explore individual startups as they work to bring their technology to market. We welcome your feedback.

September 6: 30 considerations for getting tech to market: Part III by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

September 12: Where is our blog going next? by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

September 19: Meet Screenreach Interactive by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

September 26: Meet CommentAir technologies by Francis Moran & Leo Valiquette

September 28: Demo Daze: Five ways to turn a demo from dull to dazzling by Ronald Weissman

And on a related note…

In addition to our series, our associates and guest bloggers were also busy writing on a great range of topics, including social media, PR, marketing and, oh yes, zombies. Here are our other posts for September as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

September 27: Facebook’s new features: What B2B businesses need to know by Alexandra Reid

September 13: How B2B entrepreneurs can establish and access thought leadership using social media by Alexandra Reid

September 14: Small business philosophy 101: Making waves in a sea of competitors by John Craig

September 21: Push selling is over… it’s a buyer’s game, deal with it by Andrew Penny

September 20: The role of empowerment in social media success by Alexandra Reid

September 8: Social media breakfast Ottawa: Sam Ladner and the mobile work life by Alexandra Reid

September 30: Is public relations in the public interest? by Francis Moran

September 15: There is such a thing as bad publicity by Linda Forrest

September 22: Are trade shows the zombies of marketing? by Francis Moran

September 7: Make like a duck: Paddle hard, paddle often by Leo Valiquette

September 1: Fiction: PR can’t be measured – Take 3 by Francis Moran

September 29: High fidelity PR requires open communication between agency and client by Linda Forrest

September 9: If your company does something and you didn’t tell your marketplace about it, did it actually happen? by Linda Forrest

September 16: My PR agency can’t write by Francis Moran

September 23: Former PostRank CEO Carole Leaman inspires at this week’s Girl Geek Dinner in Waterloo, with tales from her experiences with technology startups by Linda Forrest

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