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January roundup: Murder, just rewards and straight talk

By inmedia

In case you missed them, here’s a recap of our blog posts from January.

Jan. 16: Why is a startup like murder?
Jan. 30: ‘It’s just unbelievable how far customer service can go.’

Jan. 12: Could recession spell the end for print?
Jan. 23: The value of shooting the breeze

Jan. 5: Back up the message with a good story
Jan. 8: Twitterpated
Jan. 13: Plain talk without the agenda
Jan. 20: The double-edged Web
Jan. 27: Reaping the rewards of a good reference
Jan. 29: Business building blocks

The start-up Scotts of Ottawa take it on the road

By Francis Moran

Ottawa’s two start-up Scotts — I refer to their common first name, not their nationality, which would be spelled with just one ‘t’ — are in the middle of a six-city, two-country roadtrip to visit co-working spaces in each city and to spin the gospel according to Dex, the nifty CRM application now in beta from one Scott’s (Annan, that is) development company, Mercury Grove. The other Scott (Lake, that is) recently launched his own social media consulting firm and has been working on Dex with Annan.

The pair have been posting regular updates, including videos, at StartupOttawa. Besides catching Annan in the no-no act of texting while driving, the videos show co-working spaces in Ottawa, Montréal and Toronto, and report on the feedback Annan has been receiving for his new product. Next week should see reports from New York, Boston and Philadelphia.

Go down the road with these guys; it’s an interesting ride.

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Why is a startup like murder?

By Francis Moran

Why is a startup like murder? Well, according to two-time start-up veteran Shawn Griffin, it’s not because the long hours and uncertain outcome will kill you. Rather, as he told an assembly of alumni of OCRI‘s popular Entrepreneur’s Edge educational program last night, both murder and startups require the same three elements.

“Motive, opportunity and ability are essential for murder and also for a startup,” said Griffin, who delivered a two-fold return to investors when he sold his first company a mere five months after launching it but saw his second venture go down “in a very painful manner.”

The motive to start a new technology company must come from passion, he said, while the opportunity lies in identifying a real pain in the marketplace that the new company is going to solve.

As for ability, it “boils down to two things, people and money. The good news about today is that there’s a dearth of money but a wealth of good people.”

Griffin was speaking at the first-ever reunion for alumni of Entrepreneur’s Edge, a popular educational program that brings seasoned entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts in to deliver course material to participants. The next session of the program, now in its fourth year, runs from February 9 to 13.

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November roundup: Audacious, horrendous and noteworthy

By inmedia

In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of our posts from November.

Nov. 5: Happy birthday to us
Nov. 5: Breathtakingly audacious
Nov. 18: Customer service so bad it wins an award
Nov. 26: Velocity students showcase projects

Nov. 7: Sometimes you just never know…
Nov. 13: Getting covered by Tier 1 business media
Nov. 17: Top tech PR cliches
Nov. 28: The balance of power

Nov. 3: When to speak up and when to keep your mouth shut
Nov. 10: Getting attention in the 500-channel universe
Nov. 21: Boldy going where we’ve gone before … sort of
Nov. 25: When the iron’s hot, strike!

October roundup: PR pains, silver linings and bad apples

By inmedia

In case you missed them, here’s a roundup of our posts from October.

Oct. 3: iPhone gets political
Oct. 17: Ask and ye shall receive
Oct. 23: So here’s the bad news…
Oct. 31: I want PR, but I don’t know why

Oct. 8: A splash of joy in the city
Oct. 9: Hostility reigns at Ottawa Network event
Oct. 14: The foreseeable future isn’t
Oct. 24: ‘My PR agency can’t write’
Oct. 30: No better time to start a company

Oct. 1: Kudos to TheCodeFactory
Oct. 2: Old media habits will die hard
Oct. 6: All it takes is one bad apple
Oct. 10: A stick handler extraordinaire
Oct. 15: Show them the money, not the bells and whistles
Oct. 16: Mole hills can build mountains
Oct. 22: The risks of factual exaggeration

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