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You can’t rely on the channel to grow sales in new markets

By Jeff Campbell

I had an interesting call with a long time colleague and friend today. He is a well known and respected leader in his field. His expertise and notoriety has been developed over years of innovating and perfecting processes that are measurable, repeatable and produce consistently high-quality results. This guy is and has to be a great salesperson in order to sell his ideas and grow his business. Currently he is managing a software business, developing and offering software that provides automation and process management in his area of discipline.

He explained that, while his company has marquee customers internationally, the majority of its business is confined to one region. Expansion to new territories is critical, he explained, for strategic reasons; expanding global implementations will mitigate risk of competition coming into the region from elsewhere and increase value for stakeholders.

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From courting Hollywood’s A-list to navigating the Chinese New Year

This is the 11th article in a continuing series chronicling the growth path of Screach, a startup based in Newcastle upon Tyne in England’s North East. Screach is an interactive digital media platform that allows users to create real-time, two-way interactive experiences between a smart device (through the Screach app) and any content, on any screen or just within the mobile device itself. We invite your feedback.

By Leo Valiquette and John Hill

Growing a startup is all about establishing and managing relationships. There are the relationships that open doors and create opportunity. And then there are the more pedestrian ones involved with the day-to-day processes that get product to customers.

Relationships in both categories gave the Screach team plenty of reason to lose sleep over the past couple of months. The first was a pitch opportunity for CEO Paul Rawlings that made the hairs stand up on the back of his neck. The second was the potentially disruptive hiccup presented by the Chinese New Year.

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February roundup: What does it take to get technology to market?

By Leo Valiquette

It may have been a short month, by we still pulled together in February a rich lineup of content for marketers, entrepreneurs and investors alike. Hot topics included how not to do customer service, what’s to love and hate about technology marketing, the root causes of the so-called Series A crunch and the risks of “mentor whiplash.”

In case you missed any of it, here is a handy recap of our posts, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

Feb. 5: Is the ‘last mile’ of sales automation keeping your reps from closing more business?, by Jeff Campbell

Feb. 7: The trouble with mentors is…, by Francis Moran

Feb. 21: 6 little things that tell your customers you don’t care, by Linda Moran and Francis Moran

Feb. 25: Ego capital and the ‘Series A Crunch’, by Ronald Weissman

Feb. 13: Getting to the point in drafting a patent application, by David French

Feb. 20: The traditional corporate presentation is dead!, by Anil Dilawri

Feb. 27: You just never know where a story is going to stick, by Leo Valiquette

Feb. 6: Does your business suffer from multiple personalities?, by Leo Valiquette

Feb. 11: Do you have the key ingredients for an effective board?, by Denzil Doyle

Feb. 26: App development today demands a three-in-one approach, by Peter Hanschke

Feb. 14: Why I heart tech marketing, by Francis Moran

Feb. 28: Why I hate tech marketing, by Francis Moran

Feb. 19: Do your PR people suffer from telephobia?, by Leo Valiquette


Great articles roundup: Women in tech, traction, content marketing, Canadian startups & failure

As a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of some of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are Forbes, Startup Professional Musings, MarketingSherpa, Financial Post and ventureburn.

When It Comes to Tech Start-ups, Do Women Win?

Peter Cohan looks at whether women-led tech startups come out on top. He references the compelling conclusions of the anticipated Spring publication, Women in Technology: Evolving, Ready to Save the World by Vivek Wadhwa and Lesa Mitchell. He also recounts his interview with Joanne Wilson, investor in 31 start-ups, most of which are women-run, and wife of Union Square Ventures managing partner, Fred Wilson.

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Why I hate tech marketing

By Francis Moran

Two weeks ago, with more than a deliberate nod to Valentine’s Day, I wrote about why I love working in technology marketing. I have spent most of my 25-year career in this exciting, dynamic and challenging sector, and with good reason, so the benefits obviously outweigh the detractions. But every coin has a flip side, and today I’m going to talk about some of the things I truly dislike about tech marketing.

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