Great articles roundup: Social measurement, bootstrapping, marketing, social media

By Daylin Mantyka

link2 300x240 Great articles roundup: Lean methodologies, story centred design, real time marketing, value proposition, pitching editorsAs a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of some of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are memeburn, ReadWriteWeb, TopRank Blog and Fast Company.

Meaningful social measurement: A lesson from the underpants gnomes

Sam Beckbessinger looks at why measuring follower counts on social media is a meaningless metric that’s quickly falling out of favour. Instead, she proposes four more meaningful metrics that offer greater insight into the community you’ve created around your brand.

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Startup Canada Communities seeks to build regional economies ‘from the inside out’

By Francis Moran

Startup Canada, the grassroots campaign that is seeking to foster a more entrepreneurial culture in Canada, today launched its most audacious initiative so far with the creation in 15 different cities across the country of Startup Canada Communities, a combination of online and in-person networks intended to give entrepreneurs swifter and more immediate local access to all the resources needed to start a new venture.

We’ve been enthusiastic backers of Startup Canada from its very inception, and as I attended town hall meetings and other events across the country last summer and fall, one consistent theme sounded by entrepreneurs everywhere was that they needed both a one-stop clearing house for information about all the programs and resources available to them and a network through which they could connect with other entrepreneurs, with mentors and with all the other elements of the startup ecosystem.

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April Roundup: What does it take to get technology to market?

By Leo Valiquette

Last month’s lineup featured great posts on how established companies should innovate, a startup CEO’s tips for wooing investors, the risks of discounting your product and the need for philanthropy to be a natural part of doing business. And of course, there was plenty of sage advice on what it takes to make marketing work.

In case you missed any of it, here is a handy recap of our posts, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

April 18: In search of that Entrepreneurial Spark, by Maurice Smith

April 23: What have you done for someone else lately?, by Leo Valiquette

April 11: Want more business from your website? Here are 6 things your customers need to see, by Tim Peter

April 24: A startup CEO’s tips for wooing investors, by John Hill and Leo Valiquette

April 25: The folly (or possibly the wisdom) of discounting, by Francis Moran

April 10: Best of: The saddest marketing story I’ve ever heard, by Francis Moran

April 17: My top travel tips, by Francis Moran

April 8: When is it time to say, ‘Our CEO’s got to go?’by Denzil Doyle

April 16: The imperatives of leaders, leadership and leading, by Bob Bailly

April 29: In it until everyone crosses the finish line, by Leo Valiquette

April 15: What an entrepreneur can learn from a literary conference: Part III, by Leo Valiquette

April 4: Trademark hygiene: A cautionary tale, by David French

April 30:Patent harvesting versus mandated innovation, by David French

April 3: ‘You can’t cross a canyon in two leaps’, by Francis Moran

April 2: Best of: Just the facts … no, these facts, by Leo Valiquette

April 9: What an entrepreneur can learn from a literary conference: Part II, by Leo Valiquette

Image: April 2013 Calendar Printable


Patent harvesting versus mandated innovation

By David J. French

The expression “patent harvesting” has surfaced in management jargon. These words invoke a scenario wherein corporate management looks under the carpet, so to speak, to see if somewhere in their organization the staff have generated good ideas that are worth patenting.

However, corporate management philosophy has also introduced the further concept of “mandated innovation.” According to this latter concept, a corporation, instead of waiting for inventions to surface from within the organization, actively analyzes the kinds of innovations that would advance corporate plans for the future. A mandate is then issued to technical staff to generate the details necessary to support such innovations.

In both cases, the corporation hopes to obtain patent protection for ideas and innovations which will have real market impact and add further profit to the bottom line.

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In it until everyone crosses the finish line

By Leo Valiquette

In my various engagements as a freelance writer and marketing communications consultant, I often find myself working with the clients of a client.

It’s a situation that adds a whole new dimension to the relationship between service provider and client. Not only are you serving the needs of that primary client, but now you are also in the role of their ambassador; how you conduct yourself with their clients reflects on them.

For me, this typically manifests itself in this way: My primary client is providing a service to its clients which includes my services as writer and consultant. This most often involves situations where a media outlet is selling advertorial space (in other words, content marketing space) to their advertisers and I come in to help those advertisers fill that space with strong and effective content. There can be quite stringent deadlines to meet and my role is that of project manager as much as it is writer to herd the cats and ensure the job gets done on time.

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