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Marketing lessons learned from a weekend camping trip

sale-300x300By Leo Valiquette

In this socially enabled age, it could be argued that “try before you buy” has become as anachronistic as a laptop case with pockets for floppy disks.

As a consumer, why bother to waste the time when you can simply turn to product review sites and customer review ratings?

Because opinion is seldom objective, that’s why.

Many negative reviews say more about the reviewer than they do about the quality or performance of the product. It’s impossible to appreciate and factor in all the variables that could be influencing another buyer’s reaction. They may have had unrealistic expectations, their needs may not have not have been an appropriate match, or they could have been looking for features and functionality that were not present and are not relevant to you.

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Great articles roundup: PR agencies and Google, digital marketing misconceptions, startup failure, investor pitching

linkBy Hailley Griffis

In this week’s roundup, we explore how PR agencies are in fact not dead, and why digital marketing is more than just social media (and other misconceptions.) In addition, we focus on startups, with reads that look at the top ways startups screw up and a few red flags when pitching to investors. This week’s articles come from Spin Sucks, Fourth Source, Wamda and Forbes.

Don’t die PR agencies, what the recent Google changes really mean

Gini Dietrich replies with a resounding “no” to the idea that Google has just killed PR agencies, or news releases, with its new update. If you consider PR to be purely news releases then you need to get back to the media relations that were actually supposed to be happening, where you build a relationship with journalists and reporters, call them and then pitch an idea after that.

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How small businesses can prosper from B2B marketing


By Heather Campbell

Small businesses account for a huge chunk of business revenue produced in our country. In fact, there are nearly seven million small businesses in America. This includes everything from mom and pop shops in your local town to freelance work done in your neighbor’s basement. All of these businesses are important.

Completing a business to business transaction for a large corporation may be no big deal. These big businesses market their strengths easily. In many cases, they have a budget set aside for these things. They are experts at it. What about a small business though? Does it have the same success? Can it have the same success? Does it complete small business to big business marketing or small business to small business marketing?

The concept of business to business (B2B) marketing is very simple. B2B marketing is the relationship of selling and promoting between two businesses. Read More

A tale of ProFantastic customer service

Outstanding-Customer-ServiceBy Leo Valiquette

Your quality as a vendor is often demonstrated best by how you deal with prospects who have decided your product or service is not for them.

As Francis wrote in his last post on customer service, we have a particular preoccupation with this subject because of its timeless relevance to any technology company:

“Customer service is based on what I have come to call my first law of competitive differentiation, the proposition that, in an age when almost any technological or cost advantage will rapidly and inevitably be eroded, the only sustainable competitive differentiation for most companies is to treat their customers like the centre of the universe, which they are.”

My most recent experience should be of particular relevance to software vendors, especially software vendors that are targeting niche markets and are trying to keep a lot of balls in the air with a small team.

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Now that you’ve launched an app, time to work on v2.0

iPhoneAppStore_availableat_black_lowresBy Peter Hanschke

This is the last instalment of my journey product-managing myself to build and commercialize an iOS app.

In my previous post I revealed the name and details of my app and how important it is to test as many scenarios and on as many platforms as possible. I signed off the post with the fate of myFabWines resting in the hands of Apple’s review committee. Shortly after the post, I received word that myFabWines was accepted into the iTunes App Store. I had expected, based on all my previous research, that my app would be rejected the first time I submitted it. I honestly think my level of testing and setting up a beta program helped in being accepted on the first attempt. So, again, I can’t stress enough the importance of testing. On August 1, myFabWines was available for sale … mission accomplished. My target date was July 1, so I missed by a month, but I’m OK with that.

So now what? Version 2, of course!

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