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Product marketing

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With clients, you must sometimes be cruel to be kind

By Leo Valiquette

I recently worked on a client’s blog post that discussed how an IT project can easily stray far from its original problem statement as it moves through an RFP process and the creation of a statement of work to the point where it finally reaches the implementation stage. What seemed obvious at the outset sometimes gets lost in process and procedure and in the desire of any external vendor to protect its own interests.

Does this sound familiar?

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4 reasons why you need a mobile website

By Debra Kaye

Smartphones aren’t simply convenient communication devices – they have become an integral part of our lives and our culture. Putting this into context, a mobile phone today is in the possession of the average user for 5,840 hours per year. That compares to the 2,920 hours the same user sits in front of a PC and the 1,865 hours she spends watching television. That means news, current product information, sales, and specials have to become part of the digital news flow experience of the portable device. With that in mind, here are my four top reasons why your website should be mobile:

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Great articles roundup: App development, digital footprints, SEO agencies vs. content marketing agencies

By Hailley Griffis

Every Friday, we round up some of the best articles we’ve come across in the past week and share them with our readers. Front and centre this time around are Gigaom, Memeburn, Search Engine Journal and Spin Sucks.

4 tips for developing applications that end users will actually end up using

Jordan Novet dives into the world of applications and notes that although companies are realizing that complicated enterprise applications don’t cut it anymore, a lot of applications still end up getting deleted. He looks at how to give employees applications that hold real value.

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May roundup: What does it take to get technology to market?

By Leo Valiquette

Last month’s content lineup featured great posts that shattered common myths about finding and defining a customer base and how to market an app, as well as insights on securing a patent and recognizing a great CEO. We also looked at the genius of Audi’s Spock vs. Spock ad campaign and some of the weak links in Canada’s commercialization ecosystem. And of course, there was plenty of sage advice for neuromarketers and strategists alike.

In case you missed any of it, here is a handy recap of our posts, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

May 13: The marketing genius of Audi’s Spock vs. Spock, by Leo Valiquette

May 15: Design by committee is just plain wrong, by Francis Moran

May 27: The third way that government can, and must, support Made-in-Canada tech, by Leo Valiquette

May 21: Why shouldn’t it be made in Canada?, by Leo Valiquette

May 07: If you’re so afraid of spilling the beans that no one knows you have any …, by Leo Valiquette

May 02: Startup Canada Communities seeks to build regional economies ‘from the inside out’, by Francis Moran

May 23: ‘Everyone’ is not your customer, by Francis Moran

May 09: 6 small business statistics that may surprise you, by Brent Barnhart, Chamber of Commerce

May 08: Accelerator metrics in Canada (or anywhere), by Jesse Rodgers

May 14: The business of evolution: We’re not as clever as we think we are, by Bob Bailly

May 16: Fiction: Media relations is ‘free advertising’, by Francis Moran

May 30: To sponsor or not to sponsor: 6 questions to consider, by Leo Valiquette

May 22: So you’ve developed an app … now how do you market it?, by Peter Hanschke

May 28: Selling an invention to a patent examiner, by David French

May 29: Everyone has competition, by Francis Moran

May 06: Peeling away the layers of a great CEO, by Denzil Doyle

Image: May 2013 Calendar Printable

So you’ve developed an app … now how do you market it?

By Peter Hanschke

Welcome to the fourth post in my journey to build and launch an iPhone app. The last post tackled the intersection of product management, user experience and implementation – how they are separate but yet related. In this post I’m going to talk about the marketing of my iPhone app.

Let’s get one thing clear right off the top: Mobile app stores are NOT marketing vehicles. With the unbelievable number of apps in these stores there is no way you can make yourself heard. During the early days, using the app store as a marketing vehicle was possible, but now with tens of thousands of apps to choose from this is close to impossible.

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