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Associates - Francis Moran & AssociatesFrancis Moran & Associates


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Francis Moran

Francis was the first person he knew to get a cell phone in the late-80s. He earned his very first money writing code when he was still in high school in the mid-70s. And he now owns the vanity license plate RLYDOPTR (Early Adopter). All that should tell you something about his passion for technology.

But Francis does more than just embrace technology in his own life. Throughout his career, first as a journalist, photographer and editor, and then over the past 25 years as a deft marketer, it has been stories about technology and the promise it holds to improve human life that have most attracted his attention.

In the last dozen years, with inmedia Public Relations, the media and analyst relations agency he founded, Francis has taught B2B technology companies how to make the phone ring using effective PR that works in concert with the rest of the marketing mix. In the process, he’s had a role in launching a host of fascinating products and companies – from bionic hands to telecommunications products to countless different types of enterprise software.

Great technology deserves great marketing. Francis has brought technology to market scores of times. Why not tap into his experience and expertise as you navigate your road to market?

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Bob Bailly

Bob Bailly knows you. He knows your type. He can probably predict your future behavior before you’ve even contemplated it yourself.  It’s not that you’re predictable; it’s that Bob has devoted the past 25 years to developing and implementing proprietary research techniques to better understand customer behavior. Using his information, organizations can build strategies to foster customer satisfaction.

It’s fascinating stuff. This marketing professional, teacher, trainer and strategic planner is writing the book  on how understanding human evolution can predict modern consumer behavior and the reason you behave the way you do. Organizations that are exploiting this knowledge are improving their communications, human relations, management skills and execution.

From his early days in advertising, through his years consulting in strategic marketing and brand management, Bob has a widespread and diverse network of clients who call on him for his expertise. If your CEO casually mentions that the reptilian brain is responsible for your tween’s emotional outbursts, chances are he or she caught one of Bob’s presentations at either TEC or Vistage. Or maybe as an undergraduate or MBA student, they caught one of his lectures at SAIT, the University of Calgary or Mount Royal College on advertising, marketing and brand management principles.

Bob tackles marketing armed with empirical data and his methodology is sure to get your brain – reptilian or otherwise – chugging on how you can put his insights to good use in your own business. But rest assured, Bob is no research nerd with no practical experience; he puts his ideas to the test every day with real world clients.

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Jeff Campbell

Jeff just can’t seem to get enough of us. He’s twice been a client. He’s long been one of our go-to guys whenever we needed a solid reference. And now, he likes our company so much he’s decided to join as an associate. And we’re delighted to have him.

Jeff is a serial CEO and entrepreneur with a lengthy record of achievement in securing investment, building international sales and business-development channels, and accelerating the commercialization of new technology. With more than 30 years spent in companies both large and small – from the Microsofts and EDS Systemhouses of the world to fast-growth startups like AssetMetrix and PerSpecsys – Jeff has a thoroughly rounded perspective on exactly what it takes to bring technology to market.

Jeff regularly contributes to our blog, writing about how to build effective sales and business-development capacity to drive revenue, as well as how to position for investment, strategic partnerships and acquisition. And he represents us in the Waterloo region that he calls home and is a valued team member addressing the sales and channel-development requirements of our strategy clients.

With three grown daughters, and their families living in far afield (Europe, US and Canada), Jeff has recently learned to enjoy travel for pleasure as opposed to business. Travelling to cities to visit family or simply to explore and perhaps work in a business meeting or two are enjoyable uses of time for this empty-nester. Keeping fit at the gym is a priority since it contributes to better performance in all aspects of life, particularly to keep him from hurting himself while skiing and remaining competitive in “beer-league” hockey games, where he is proud of the hat-trick he scored this year. While he does these things in the winter, his car rests in the garage, dreaming about spirited driving and a little bit of track time in the summer. Once in while, the car gets to wait in a parking lot while Jeff chases a little white ball around 18 holes with some mates playing a something loosely related to golf.

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Peter Hanschke

If there’s one thing you can rely on in today’s marketplace, it’s change. That’s why agile product development is essential to success in our fast-paced global economy. Smart product managers know that it’s essential that marketing and product development proceed – from the start – in lockstep to provide technology with its best chance in the marketplace.

Peter Hanschke is a strong proponent of continually evaluating your business’s needs and developing products that support those needs. His approach works, as proven by his 15-year track record of successfully bringing products to market, managing entire product lifecycles from concept to delivery.

Peter is the senior director of product marketing at Irdeto and director at Ateala Management Inc., a consulting company that specializes in tuning product-management processes in start-ups and small, medium and large high-tech businesses to the speed at which products are needed to satisfy business objectives and market needs. His approach produces earlier customer engagement and product releases with real value and relevancy. This not only means better products; it also means your marketing engine can get fired up earlier, building customer anticipation and demand before your product is even released.

He’s the go-to guy amongst his product manager peers for whom he provides training and mentorship. He is generous in sharing his analysis, planning and implementation and experience so product managers can better meet the challenges they face in companies of all sizes.

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Caroline Kealey

For more than 20 years, Caroline has been a nationally recognized communications strategist, a speaker, a trainer, a facilitator and an author.

Last year, she brought her own technology to market with the successful commercialization of the Results Map, an innovative tool designed to engineer communications strategies to deliver measurable results.

Caroline is also the award-winning CEO of Ingenium Communications and an expert at communications strategy design. Just ask any of her clients, for whom she’s developed hundreds of winning strategies in the public, association, not-for-profit and private sectors; they’re quite likely to point to the communications award on their mantel and say, “That’s what Caroline Kealey can do.” Or they’ll point you to one of her many published articles in national and international outlets on topics such as measurement, social media and results-based strategic communications planning.

Busting the myth that those that can’t do, teach, Caroline has shared her wisdom on these topics at the International Association of Business Communicators Global Conference (where she is one of only two Canadians to carry an All Star Speaker designation), the University of Ottawa, The Canadian Institute, the Canadian Public Relations Society, the National Communicators Conference and the Canada School of Public Service, where, oh ya, she designed the curriculum, too.

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Alayne Martell

Anyone who has met her will tell you – Alayne’s a character. But don’t let her humorous demeanor fool you: she plays hard and works hard, as a consultant with Francis Moran & Associates, as national media representative for Team Canada and the World Ringette Championship, and as mom to a kindergartner. She’s also logged time at Environment Canada, where she worked on initiatives targeted at youth. Put it all together and you’d be hard pressed to find a communicator who is more young at heart than Alayne.

There’s no arguing that the nearly two decades Alayne has spent honing her craft as a communicator has created a solid background and terrific skills in the areas of corporate communications, media relations and technology marketing. She’ll get the job done, but she’ll also put a smile on your face.

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Phil Newman

The adage goes that if you want something done, ask a busy person. Whoever came up with that surely had Phil Newman in mind, a guy who has a fire alarm as his ring tone.

For more than two decades, Phil has specialized in providing internal and external marketing support for high-tech and service companies – from fast-growth to established global players. He first crossed paths with Francis Moran while he was director of marketing at Touch Bionics, where Phil hired inmedia to handle worldwide PR for the launch of the i-LIMB Hand. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, Phil focuses on the critical challenge of commercialization, the very essence of bringing technology to market. With a proven seven-step commercial transformation model, Phil focuses entirely on commercial outcomes to realize a product’s market potential, an approach that is entirely measured through sales performance. Clients like Touch Bionics, Brammo and Mitsubishi Electric have all deployed this methodology to achieve successful product and service launches.

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Andrew Penny

Andrew’s passion is helping companies, especially those in manufacturing and technology, grow their revenues by doing a better job within their current markets or, even better, exploiting new markets where they have a powerful opportunity.

Andrew brings to this passion more than 30 years of experience in business planning, market research and strategy development in B2B environments. With an MBA in marketing from the University of Ottawa, he honed his craft with companies such as Bell Cellular, where he was vice president, Eastern region, and Mitel, where, as director of sales and marketing, he successfully developed business with dominant U.S., Canadian, European and Asian communications providers.

Today, through Kingsford Consulting Ltd., Andrew has helped hundreds of owners of small- and medium-sized businesses sharpen their sales and marketing activities and grow. He is also president at Networked Vehicle Association, a global not-for-profit organization facilitating the evolution of the networked vehicle by providing custom research and strategy advice to industry and government.

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Alexandra Reid

After swiftly mastering the practicalities of content marketing as a community manager and overseeing those operations as a social media strategist for Francis Moran and Associates and its clients, Alex is well versed in what it takes to increase a business’s presence and influence online. With a background in journalism, Alex is also an engaging storyteller in both traditional and innovative media forms. This combination of skills at both the doing and the thinking ends of the marketing spectrum allows her to provide her clients with complete content marketing support, while also ensuring all activities have a meaningful place within the overarching marketing program.

In her free time, Alex volunteers at Big Brothers Big Sisters Ottawa (as its community manager), IABC Ottawa (as its podcast coordinator and host), Social Media Breakfast (producing post-show guest video interviews) and The Well (leading the literacy program for the women’s shelter).

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Maurice Smith

Who better to know what the media are looking for than a seasoned, well-respected business journalist? (Seems to be a bit of a recurring theme with the associates, doesn’t it?) Well, Maurice Smith certainly fits the bill. Scots who read the Glasgow Herald, or got their business news from BBC Scotland are well familiar with his name and his down-to-earth reporting style. Heck, Maurice quite literally wrote the book on the media in Scotland and was twice named Scottish Business Journalist of the Year.

Maurice knows from the inside what journalists need and want from marketers. It’s this insight that he brings to CEO of The Value Innovators, a media business that originates written, audio and video content for all platforms including the web, manages marketing communications for clients across the U.K., carries out research consultancy in the technology and media sectors and mentors business start-ups. Maurice is also chairman of OkMyWay, a website that allows users to find and share travel knowledge.

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Leo Valiquette

In the summer of 2,000, Leo jumped into the euphoric madness that was the telecom boom and bust as a reporter with the Ottawa Business Journal. Over the next eight years he covered the struggles of the local economy, the impact on the labour force and the challenges for entrepreneurs to bring new technology to market. In 2008, after having served for three years as the OBJ’s editor, he decided it was time for a career change. His excellent reporting skills and talents as a writer made him a natural fit for Francis Moran & Associates and its affiliated public relations practice, inmedia.

But wild horses can’t be broken, as they say, and so Leo is a renaissance man, providing top-notch PR and marketing to B2B technology companies when he’s needed, but also holding a variety of consulting, writing and reporting positions. He continues to work on the side as a business journalist, as well as offering marketing communications and content development services to a variety of SMEs, industry associations and professional services firms.

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