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Great articles roundup: Big news, Internet freedom, the road to ruin, marketing tactics, business tips

By Alexandra Reid

As a regular feature, we provide our readers with a roundup of the best articles we have read in the past week. On the podium this week are ReadWriteWeb, GigaOm, Inc., Financial Post, and MarketingProfs.

How big tech companies keep quiet on big news

While startup companies crave the kind of exposure that can require public relations campaigns worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, established tech players often pick and choose when they speak, if they choose to speak at all. As author Dave Copeland explains, as long as the media clamors for info, hoarding it works as a publicity strategy.

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May roundup: What does it take to bring technology to market?

By Alexandra Reid

As usual, we covered a lot of ground last month on our blog. We wrote about the Startup Canada launch, introduced a new “born global” startup concept, discussed the future of accelerators, and explored how the Canadian university ‘innovation gap’ is more illusory than real. We championed the Montreal startup scene, envisioned what Ottawa should do to support entrepreneurship at home, and warned that VCs can sometimes be detrimental to young companies. These topics merely scratch the surface of our coverage.

In case you missed any of our posts, here’s a handy roundup:

May 2: Check your baggage at the door by Leo Valiquette

May 14: How to make better inventions: Part 1 by David French

May 22: How to make better inventions: Part 2 by David French

May 28: The ‘born global’ disruption by Tony Bailetti

May 29: Picking up the pieces from an R&D misadventure by Leo Valiquette

And on a related note…

In addition to our series, our associates and guest bloggers were also busy writing on a great range of topics. Here are our other posts from May, as ranked by the enthusiasm of our readers:

May 8: Anything they can do you can do better: Competing in social media by Alexandra Reid

May 9: How I learned to stop worrying and love a blank page by Leo Valiquette

May 23: The worst small business social media marketing advice I’ve ever heard by Alexandra Reid

May 31: Canadian university ‘innovation gap’ more illusory than real: Kurman by Francis Moran

May 3: Lessons in entrepreneurship from the Startup Canada launch by Alexandra Reid

May 24: Montreal startup scene continues to rock by Francis Moran

May 15: Managing client expectations throughout an outsourced social media marketing program by Alexandra Reid

May 7: Five old school mistakes creeping into digital and social media planning by Rob Woyzbun

May 30: The future of startup accelerators by Ben Yoskovitz

May 16: The root of all evil by Leo Valiquette

May 18: Dealing with children and sensitive information online by Alexandra Reid

May 1: Why startups should build social media communities before they launch by Alexandra Reid

May 11: Three interesting developments in modern journalism by Francis Moran

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