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Laying claim to social media

By Leo Valiquette

In business circles, defining what is social media is immediately followed by the question of how can it can be turned into an effective¬†marketing and communications tool. But who owns this function in an organization? Is that even a valid question? Over at A Shel of My Former Life, Shel Holtz gives a comprehensive rundown of who can, and can’t “own” social media and why.

Chris Brogan, meanwhile, provides a handy list of 50 online applications and sites to consider when developing a social media presence.

Lastly, Robert Geller at Flack’s Revenge discusses user-generated content options for organizations trying to build presence at a time when the number of traditional media channels is on the decline. Youtube anyone?

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July Roundup: Good tips, bad slips and farewell to Linda

By inmedia

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July 31: Oh, the sweet serenity of white space

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