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Trade media top all other purchase-influencing sources, Forrester says

By Jill Pyle

At inmedia Public Relations, we work incredibly hard to generate media coverage that will help our clients meet their business objectives. Being in the high tech B2B space, industry-specific publications often make up the vast majority of our clients’ Tier 1 media targets. While company and product-launch announcements sometimes spark some interest from local, business or daily media, coverage in trade publications, though it can take longer to come to fruition, has proven to generate a far greater ROI for our clients.

The 2007 Forrester Research Study on B2B Media & Marketing, released in October, has some interesting figures about the media consumption habits of business decision makers. This finding really stood out for me: “Business decision makers find industry-specific media invaluable for informing and validating their business purchasing decisions and helping them do their jobs better. 40%-45% rely on traditional industry-specific media to validate purchase decisions – again, more than other options”

Also interesting to note was business decision makers’ adoption of new media. According to the report, business decision makers rely heavily on digital media, with 70% relying on industry-specific web sites for their jobs and over 75% having used or planning to use emerging media at work. View the following chart for more details:


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No room for mediocrity: Entrepreneurs must make sacrifices

By Eliot Burdett

Re: Francis’s Ottawa inferiority complex theorem

Gues Blogger 2There is no question Ottawa has its own culture – the prevalence of government, where success is measured differently, probably has a lot to do with it. There are no free rides in a world of entrepreneurship and being mediocre usually means you are fighting to stay alive. Perhaps there hasn’t been a consistent stream of great successes here to regularly inspire everyone? No question this city doesn’t have a wild west, “shoot ‘em or die” spirit.

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Networking’s 50 greatest arguments

Network World - 50 greatest arguments

By inmedia

A piece entitled “VoIP vs. TDM voice” in this morning’s ComputerWorld newsletter caught my eye. The clickthrough led me to discover Network World’s list of the 50 greatest arguments in the history of the networking industry. The fact that it’s currently the most read story on Network World’s web site shows that the audience is interested in these debates. Here’s hoping that some passionate yet insightful comments will provide compelling pros and cons for those readers debating between deploying competing technologies. The comments section on the article should be an interesting read in the days ahead.

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