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Business technology managers face the digital content ecosystem

Information Week

By Jill Pyle

Aditya Kishore’s article “Resistance is futile fatal,” published online at Internet Evolution and in the October 15 edition of Information Week, describes the dilemma many business technology managers are facing: restrict access to the “digital content ecosystem” or embrace it and use it to meet business objectives.

Kishore writes, “Today’s social networking and digital content sites are shaping IT users’ expectations and experiences for years to come. Rich media applications are becoming an essential part of the Internet experience, not just for entertainment but also for legitimate business reasons. Similarly, online communities and networking sites are becoming increasingly important for communication and interaction.”

For companies ready to acknowledge that times have changed and resistance isn’t the answer, Kishore shares a few recommendations. First, work with employees at all levels to define a clear policy on acceptable Internet use at work. Second, install network intelligence software that tracks the volume and type of network traffic. When monitoring networks, make sure employees are aware of the situation and proactively address privacy concerns. Finally, consider implementing filtering software but limit the number of sites blocked and communicate the rational for restrictions.

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Asleep at the wheel?

Register Developer

By Danny Sullivan

Well that’s how this article from the Register describes software vendors’ current status in developing mobile apps. With all the hype around mobile technologies these days, it’s interesting to hear some good points being made about the current limitations in the space.

While there certainly are challenges associated with developing mobile apps, the article states “It’s not clear why ISVs are dragging their feet because demand is there.”

Come on developers – our pimped out phones and PDAs need a better workout!

Creating a business-savvy information technology staff

CIO Insider

By inmedia

At inmedia, our belief is that it’s about more than just the technology, it’s about the business case for the technology. According to today’s CIO Insider, this is a mindset that too few IT departments have yet adopted. If you are concerned about the business case for the IT purchases at your company, there are good lessons to be learned in the article “Three Tips for Creating a Business-Savvy Information Technology Staff.”

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